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  • How do I add entries to either the address book or daily planner? Navigate to the page to edit, click the EDIT button (at top of page - this will allow editing) then after you have entered text click the SAVE button. Your entry will be added and saved to your Planner.

  • How do I navigate to a certain date without clicking on page (that makes it turn to next page)? Navigate to the INDEX page then click the date wanted to navigate to.

  • Are there any print as well as advanced view options? Yes - there are many advanced options that are available via the right mouse button click menu.

  • Will Code-it Software be offering this Planner every year? That is our intentions - God willing.

  • While support is limited for our free applications we will be happy to answer questions on a "time permits" basis - contact for support.

2005 Planner
Current Version: 1.0 - NEW VERSION RELEASED 12.17.2004
OS: Win 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  
Registration: FREEWARE - no registration process nor fee                          
Download:  2005Planner.exe (5.6Mb)

Install note: be SURE to elect YES to install of supporting file (reader.exe) presented on setup finish screen! Without this small reader installed the 2005 Planner will not activate.


2005 Planner - A computerized daily planner that includes an editable address book as well as editable daily entries. Keep track of your friends, customers and daily appointments easily from your desktop!

Features of this software:

  • editable address book

  • editable daily appointment book

  • easy navigation features and VERY easy to use!

  • includes entry options for December 2004 so you can get started scheduling your appointments NOW! Handy to log all those Christmas parties and events you are anxious to attend?

  • NO adware, spyware or underware- just a link to this web site - that's all!

  • install and uninstall features

Some screen shots:

Click any of these images to enlarge...

Editable Address book...

planner_address.JPG (116726 bytes)

Click any date to navigate to that page...

planner_index.JPG (149722 bytes)

Editable Dailey Planner...

planner_day.JPG (104444 bytes) 













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