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Below are links to our Audio/ MP3 software products...

Rock'n Code v1.7.8 - Our simple free MP3 player.

Rock'n Code v2.0 - Our free MP3 player with 12 skins to select from.

MP3 Chopper - Ever downloaded a complete MP3 album then wanted to chop the file into individual song files? Here's the software you need! 

MP3 Makester - Ever wanted to convert a .wav file to a MP3? This free software will get the job done! 

Encodester - Ever wanted to convert a .wav file to a .mp3 OR a .mp3 to .wav? This free software is for you! 

Wav Editor - edit any size wav file with this free wav editor. Use our  Encodester software to convert a mp3 file to wav then edit with this software to create custom Windows event sounds.



































































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