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Released as "freeware"  09.19.2000, Major revision - released 07.08.2002

Can't Hide! v2.0 is an application that shows all programs that are running (at time of activation) on your system, all active windows and threads used, as well as all software set to run at Windows startup. This little program is very useful to check for "Trojans", key loggers, or hidden applications ("Spy Ware") that may be used to record the user's activities.

Screen shots of the application (click for larger view) ...

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  • Will show (list) all programs running even if they are not visible by the means of Windows© "current applications running" function activated by the "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" keys. This is very useful to find any "Trojans", key loggers, or "Spy" type software running in the background of the system! 

  • Lists all windows and threads being used.

  • Lists all software set to activate at Windows startup.

  • Option (right click menu) to unconditionally terminate the activation of any program or delete entry to activate at Windows startup.

  • Gives the "path" of all listings so that you may delete or further investigate the purpose of the file.

Min. system requirements...
PC with Windows© 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, NT 4+, or XP

Download instructions...
This application is being offered as freeware; a  full registered version that contains no ads, spyware, nag screens to register, etc. We would appreciate your review of other software that might be of interest to you in exchange!

WARNING: this software contains some VERY POWERFUL tools to alter the Windows registry. Use at your own risk! In other words.. if you are unsure of what you are about to do then seek expert advise before taking action. Code-it Software will in no way be responsible for your use or mis-use of this software.

Download it Here ! (1.47Mb)

Please Note: this file requires NO setup. Merely download then double click to activate. All supporting files are contained via a new technology.