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Cyber 007 software...

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Released Windows 95 & 98 version as of 10\2\2K

Note: This software release has been revised from Shareware to Freeware as of 8/21/2001 and the file has been replaced to reflect this change. No shareware "keycode" required.

Upgraded & released v1.9 12\18\2k (revised to save/change the log path when set, added option to view log file, improved hiding the application by putting into the Windows registry, changed interface somewhat).

Cyber 007 v1.9 is a small program, that runs in hidden mode, that monitors activity of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 + . This is intended as a tool for parents and/ or authorized persons to monitor cyber surfing in MS iE.

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What it does...

Records the time, URL, and site title of all web pages visited using MS IE to a log file that you can set the name and path.

Records any file downloaded within MS IE browser.

Runs in hidden mode. Is NOT listed in the "Applications Running" Windows function activated by the "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" hot keys.

Gives the option of being activated at system startup.

Option to view the log file.

Allows you, the administrator, to set options (deactivate, set to activate at system startup, set the name and path of the log file, hide) by the use of the "visible hotkey" which is "Ctrl+Shift+P". Remember; P = preview.

Now..you are probably thinking; "Well dah! Microsoft IE has more or less the same thing. It records web sites visited. It's called the 'History' list". Yep, that's right but if you know this; don't you think your child or employee knows it too?

Please be notified that "Cyber 007 v1.9" is furnished as a tool for parents and authorized persons to monitor Internet activities. In NO way is the release intended to be used in a unconstructive way or manner!

We are not hackers and will not break the law or violate software license agreements. By downloading this setup program you are agreeing that this software is to be used in a constructive / legal manner and that you agree to the following terms.

Terms of use...
I have the legal right to access all data, information and files on the system this software is being installed on. I further attest that the monitoring data, and/or files will not be used for any illegal purpose. I further attest that by Customized Computer Software providing monitoring software that they are not participating in any illegal activity.

If you do not agree with these terms; please do not download the setup program!

"Cyber 007 v1.9" is being offered both as a free and registered version. The free version is fully functional with no time limit for evaluation but displays a message at program startup notifying of activation.

Requires Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE or ME  and Microsoft IE 4.0

Download "Cyber 007 v1.9" HERE ! (1.8mb)

Due to the nature of this software, we would encourage you to download and play around with the free version before registering to make sure that you are comfortable with it's functions suiting your needs!