COOL MP3 gear


KISS Audio Editor is a complete wave editor w/o recording abilities. Makes editing WAV, MP3 and OGG  files as easy as editing text with its clear user interface and powerful effects.

A nice MP3 player that supports play-lists. If you're tired of all those free players that stream in adware, contain spyware and try to hook up to the internet - give RockN a try! 

Web Radio Recorder gives you an easy way to record INTERNET radio broadcasts without pop-ups or complicated effort. No longer available - revision in progress!

KISS Audio Editor

RockN MP3 Player

Web Radio Recorder

Equalize-it gives you the ability to record tunes the way YOU want them to sound. Select to play a song, set the equalizer to your liking then record - now you've got it the way you want it!

Got Memory? - gives you detailed memory stats with an option to free up system memory via a click. 

Pac man type game lets you challenge Bill for the OS race. See if the Tux can over come the power of MS or Bill will just keep racking in the $'s. 


Got Memory?

the OS Race

IE Speakster - speaks (text 2 speech) the web page you have navigated to via Microsoft Internet Explorer. Stays handily in the system tray for instant access.

Web Talkster is our world famous talking web browser - over 200,000 downloaded and possibly in use. Years of development involved. 

American Indian Screen  Saver - a screen saver displaying excellent quality old time photos of American Indians.


IE Speakster

Web Talkster

American Indian S Saver

Our popular American Indian (Lakota) language teacher. Learn simple words and phrases via audio playback - also includes a large translation dictionary.

RockN Code is a complete wave/ mp3 player that supports play lists as well as offers many display features. 

Web Speakster - a talking web browser designed for the blind or person with low vision. Navigate and speak the web via only 6 hotkeys. Text 2 speech solution.

Lakota Speakster

RockN Code v3.0

Web Speakster

Misc. other free software - port scanner, CD ripper, system monitor, Xmas talking stories, key logger detection, screen recorder, and other stuff...

eBook Ripper offers the easiest way to create free ebooks that we know of! Choose from thousands of free text based ebooks then convert easily to audio chapters. No longer available - sale of copyright pending.

2005 Planner & Address Book - Keep track on all your 2005 contacts as well as appointments via this free desktop planner!