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Lakota Play v1.0 - for the young at heart! Developed and released 9\30\1998 as a computer software program designed to teach simple Lakota words in a playful yet educational way. The program starts with a main menu that gives the user the opportunity to go to the COMBO screen, DRAW screen, JUKE BOX screen, or SAVER screen.

The COMBO part of the program teaches the Lakota, as well as the English words for numbers, colors, animal names as well as animal sounds by the use of graphics, sound files, and an interactive environment.

The DRAW program is designed to teach children computer mouse operation and also the Lakota words for colors by letting the child play by 'painting' a picture by the use of the mouse.

The JUKE BOX program gives the child the opportunity to play child related songs on this computerized 'Juke Box'.

Also included is an American Indian scene screen saver.

This program puts to use sound files so that the Lakota and / or English words are 'spoken' as well as spelled and written. It has been designed to hold the interest of small children as well as simple operation to encourage computer time (attention span) in an effort to teach Lakota words.

Lakota _Play V1.0 is available for download from this link  and is being offered as Freeware as of March 12, 1999. HAVE FUN!