MP3 Chopper Plus
Current Version: 2.6 - NEW VERSION RELEASED 10.16.2004
OS: Win 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  
Registration: $12.95                         

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Ever downloaded a complete MP3 album and later wanted to split the file into individual song files so you could burn just your favorites to CD-R ? Maybe you need to combine files to create an album? If so, then this software is for you!

Here's what MP3 Chopper Plus can do and how it does it...

What it does...

  • Splits a large MP3 album (or WAV file) file into separate song files.

  • After a few times of getting use to the software you will be able to easily chop an album within minutes.

  • Save as WAV or MP3 format.

  • Includes a mini-editor that allows you to edit loaded files. Use to delete or insert silence, combine files (create an album), etc...

  • Includes a fully functional MP3 player.

  • Includes an MP3 tag editor.

How it does it...

  • Load the album file into the MP3 Copper Plus software.

  • Put the wave form (view) cursor anywhere you want to chop the file then click the Add button on the Marker screen. Be sure to put a "chop mark" at the beginning and end of the file if desired.

  • Select a folder to direct the chopped files to.

  • When satisfied that the chop marks are in the correct position ( you have the option to delete any chop mark) click the Chopper button then sit back and watch the action or go take a break - the software will automatically do the rest! 

But that's not all (here's where the PLUS in the name comes from)...

This software is also a mini-editor that includes the following functions:

  • Save As, Save Selected As, Save Image As Graphic, Copy, Delete Selected, Paste, Paste From File, Select All, Delete Silence, and Insert Silence.

  • Includes most any editing function you might need to manage splitting and combining WAV or MP3 files.

  • Option to convert from WAV to MP3 or MP3 to WAV

  • MP3 Tag Editor included

Last, but my no means least, our registration and upgrade policies are what we consider unlike no other you will find except for "Open Source" software.

Chopper interface with chop marks set (click to enlarge) >>> 

mp3c_ready.JPG (158411 bytes)

Editing a loaded file (deleting silence at end of file) >>>

 mp3c_del.JPG (128948 bytes)

Tag ID editor >>>

tag_editor.JPG (79308 bytes)