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Monitor Spy v1.9  (anti-key logger & snap shot monitor detection)...
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Released as shareware 07.01.2002.  Due to the nature of this software (an evaluation version can not really be furnished to demo the features without severely limiting needed features to detect key loggers) we have revised the release 09.15.2002 to "buy with 10 day full unconditional money back guarantee" terms. Revised to v1.7 09.27.2002 to correct several issues (bugs). Revised 11.18.2002 to enhance the interface and include help links (v1.9).

  "Monitor Spy v1.9" anti- key logger is designed to detect any known or unknown software keystroke monitoring programs (key loggers), as well as system monitoring software designed to take a "snap shot" of the active screen. Unlike most software applications of this type, it does not rely on pattern-matching, so it will work on unknown types of monitoring programs. In other words.. it does not just check the system for known monitoring software being installed but  performs several tests that activate the key logger /  snapshot monitoring software and returns the name and path of the log file(s) created as well as all software names and path that are running on the system at the time the file(s) were created or modified; thus, giving you the option to delete log files and/or deactivate key loggers and snap shot monitors. 

Anti-virus and some anti-monitoring programs detect viruses, Trojans, key loggers, which are well known (pattern matching). But what about all the very popular UNKNOWN keystroke / screen capture monitoring programs? They are developed and distributed on sites such as this one. We, at Code-it Software, sell several copies of our great key2log key logger  as well as our "snap shot" monitoring software (see uc_it)  and our latest release of no_secrets every month and have been doing so for years. The fully functional evaluation versions are downloaded approx. 450 times per month (from this site alone) which means there are a lot of people out there using them. Due to our lack of marketing efforts (virtually none except just throwing our stuff on this web site!) we do not have, by any means, a "known"  product and is not "looked for" (pattern matching) by anti- virus type software; but never the less, if you think they don't get the job done.. download and test them! 

Our main motive, for development of this software, is well.. just as a system owner has the right to monitor their computer(s) we believe that a user has the right to check for key loggers/ monitors. What goes around, comes around! This tool gives you the power to check to see if your company, spouse, school, or friend is checking you out and capturing your email passwords, email messages, chat conversations, or anything else you do on the system. We have set the cost of registration low  to provide this tool to the average "Jane/ Joe". Being "security smart" is your answer to detection and finally, you have an affordable tool to carry out this mission. 

Product features...

  • Developed and designed to be as close to "tiny ware" as possible. Small enough to copy unto a small size USB flash drive and take it with you to test any computer system you are working on. You can also just burn it onto a CD-R then copy it to the system to run then delete it after you're done. A completely self contained exe file (all supporting files are contained within the exe file, via a new technology). No setup/ install required!

  • Does NOT require activation at Windows startup (run constantly in the back ground) but rather performs several  testing processes to detect key loggers and "snap shot" monitoring software activated.

  • A very simple interface. Just click the button, sit back and let it do it's thing. Designed with the KISS theory in mind. 

  • Gives the option to stop any software dead in it's tracks. Lists all software running including those in "sleath mode".  

  • Option to print out a list of any suspected key log or snap shot files.  

  • Option to view all software that is set to activate at Windows startup. Option to delete the entry via the mouse right click menu.

  • Numerous other options that are helpful in determining the presence of key loggers or snap shot monitoring software.

  • We offer 100% support. Support is handled by this company alone; it is not "farmed out" to low level phone banks. As the developer of this software (as well as the developer of several key loggers/ snap shot monitors) - who better to handle your questions? 

  • You can have this software installed within a few hours for the extremely low price of only $15.00 ! After registration.. we will send you a download link via email (within 48 hours- generally the same day). Download the file and put it anywhere on the system (requires no setup)... activate and scan for key loggers and snap shot monitors on any PC system.

  • Min. system requirements...
    PC with Windows© 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, NT, or XP (must be logged in with Administrator rights to edit Registry entries in 2000 & XP). 64 Mb RAM

  • Screen shot  of main screen - click to enlarge >>> monitor_spy_ss.JPG (31982 bytes)

Limitations of this first version...

  • Will only monitor the main "C" drive. We are working on an upgrade that will monitor any or as many drives that are on the system. This should NOT be a big problem on the majority of systems, as it is most likely that any monitoring software will be installed on the C drive, even if the system has more then one hard drive. Upgrade will be available soon to any registered user, free of charge.
  • Can NOT be ran off a CD-ROM as the exe file extracts needed supporting files upon activation. Works well placed on a USB Flash drive.
  • May list files created or revised, by some anti- virus software, that was running at the time of monitor detection testing. Since there are so many different anti- virus software applications available, it is a monumental task to filter out these created files. It is up to the user to be informed enough to tell the difference between a "suspected" log file and a file created by this type of software or to simply disable this type software during tests ran by Monitor Spy.
  • If the system has some type of "auto- backup" software installed.. Monitor Spy may detect any files revised or created during the monitor testing process. Responsibility rests on the user to make a sound judgment of "suspected" log files.
  • Not a limitation but a WARNING ! This software offers some very powerful tools to edit or delete entries in the Windows registry as well as other useful options. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use sound judgment in the use of these tools. In other words.. if you are not absolutely sure of what you are doing.. don't do it until seeking expert advise!  

Terms of use...
I attest that this software, nor the recovered data (key stroke log files), will not be used for any illegal purpose. I further attest that by Code-it Software, aka Customized Computer Software, providing this software that they are not participating in any illegal activity. Due to the nature of this software you may want to review the products' FAQ's page from this link. as it provides additional product information. 


By placing an order for this product, you are accepting this EULA that applies to this, as well as all software offered off this site. We think you will find that this is one of the fairest EULA's that you will ever be offered for ANY software, with the exception of  "open source" software.

This product also has a 10 day unconditional money back guarantee - if the software ends up not fitting your needs, just email for a full refund. Register it for the extremely low cost of $25.00 from this Secure E-Commerce Site ! The download link, as well as a detailed install / operation instruction page, will be emailed to you within 48 hours of registration or order the software on CD-ROM for an additional $7.00 (cost of shipping and handling). If you are not comfortable paying on-line then send payment  to Code-it Software, PO Box 171, Midwest, WY 82643 along with your email address.  A download link, for the registered version, will be provided upon receipt of payment within 48 hours via email. 

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