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    Fully functional evaluation version. This software is free of ad-ware, spy-ware and known intrusive code.



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    Do you ever want to convert text to audio? If so, "Text 2 Audio" is what you want. It can convert text to mp3, text to wma or text to wav on the fly using the state of art text to speech (TTS) system. It converts text to mp3 or wma directly without generating any other temporary files. Yep...we know there are lot's of applications on the market that can do this but this application has some very unique features that won't be found elsewhere!

    Although there are Speech Application Interface (SAPI) on windows, the interface is very complex. Especially there are two major SAPI versions (SAPI4 and SAPI5) existing, which are not compatible between each other. So if you want to use SAPI4 and SAPI5 compatible engines (there are a lot of free SAPI4 voices on internet, so SAPI4 is still useful) , you have to spend double effort. Based on such fact, "Text 2 Audio" wraps SAPI4 and SAPI5 into a common interface which is efficient and easy to use.

    It converts text to speech on the fly, no temporary files are needed. It directly encodes the speech output from TTS engines to audio file. And it supports a lot of major audio formats.

Just some of what this software can help you do:

Code-it Software, Inc. has been developing Text 2 Speech applications/ solutions since 1996. Our experience has been that most T2S applications are being used just for fun - they are fun to mess around with but are not being used to their full potential by the average user.

  • Create Audio eBooks - take advantage of the Project Gutenberg which offers a huge amount of free text (and HTM) formatted e-books. Record these free books to audio (WAV, MP3 or WMA format) then burn on an audio CD-R for your listening pleasure any where, any time.
  • Time shifting! This, in my mind, is the biggest feature of T2S that users have been missing. You can easily listen to any text content that has been recorded to audio at any free time you may have. Studying for a test at college? Record the content to CD-R or load it into your MP3 player - have it available while you are driving or waiting in line to get lunch, etc. Are you a business man or woman that needs to make a speech or presentation when you get to work? Use your commute driving time to refresh your mind of the content - recorded to CD-R and played in the car CD player or recorded to MP3 and loaded into a MP3 player. The possibilities are almost endless how "time shifting" can enhance your life and make use of "dead time".
  • Use to learn or teach English (or any of the other supported Text 2 Speech engine languages) as a second language.
  • Review your presentations via the "spoken word". Have you ever noticed how you can write something that looks correct but when spoken it just comes out wrong? Input your text into the application then click the PLAY button to hear it spoken!
  • much more...

Just some of the features:

  • Will detect and list any and all text 2 speech engines installed on your system. This includes the older SAPI4 as well as the newer SAPI5 type engines/ voices.
  • Option to use any installed text 2 speech engine/ voice.
  • Option to set the file format (WAV, MP3 or WMA) of any audio file (converted from text to audio) saved.
  • Option to set the Audio Sample Rate of any audio file (converted from text to audio) saved.
  • Option to set the speed rate, pitch and volume of speech output.
  • Includes a simple audio player that you can use to hear your converted audio files.
  • Includes a powerful Audio Library application to manage your audio files
  • Converts text to audio without creation of any temp files - encodes on the fly.
  • Includes all normal editing abilities (cut, copy, paste, select all, etc.)
  • Option to play (text 2 speech) the loaded text file to determine if any editing is needed before converting to audio.
  • Option to either load a text file into the application or merely input the text, you want to convert to audio, into the text field.
  • Comes with an array of English text 2 speech voices: but maybe you want take advantage of using a supported language other then English! Get any of the supported FREE text 2 speech engines directly from Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com/msagent/downloads/user.asp#tts. The software will recognize any of these installed voices/ engines which makes them free to use within the software! (i.e. install the Spanish engine then input a text file or text that uses Spanish as the language - convert the Spanish text to audio, etc...)
  • much more...

Here are some samples of text converted to audio (mp3 files) using this software. Must have Flash 7 installed to view/ play.


Disclaimer: the text 2 speech engine, used for these recordings, is "AT&T Natural Voices - Mike(English)" which sounds / are much better (converts t 2 s more efficiently) then what is available from Microsoft for free. The above was NOT edited in any way but merely downloaded from the Project Gutenberg and split into "chapters". Due to the limitations of text 2 speech engines to recognize all text 100% - you may have to edit text for good results. If you take creating eBooks, or converting text 2 speech, seriously I would advise using these AT&T engines! 

System Requirements:

Windows 98 and above, SAPI4 or SAPI5, Text-to-speech engines, Sound card. 

Note: SAPI is a standard interface of text-to-speech voices defined by Microsoft. It has two major versions SAPI4 and SAPI5. Many third party voices support SAPI interface. See the our Text 2 Speech support page at http://www.code-it.com/t2a_engines.htm for more details. NOTE: SAPI4 and an array of free text 2 speech engines are included within the setup/ install file.

License to install on as many personal systems as desired and version updates are always FREE at Code-it!

We offer a 30 day refund policy - allowing you to register with confidence.




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