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May God  bless America !


Thank you for visiting our site for your software needs!

Our hope is that by providing you with many useful applications completely free, that you will bookmark this site and return if you find you need any of our exciting shareware products. This support will allow us to continue providing useful software for free and at a reasonable cost.

Due to most all the software applications listed on this site being changed from Shareware (paid for) to Freeware (free) release, as of August 21, 2001, you may find you need the Shareware 'keycode' to unlock the evaluation limitations of the software. A notice, to this fact, should be listed on the software product page if the release was changed from shareware. Please shoot us an email, with the application name you require the 'keycode', and we will return it to you free of all obligation or charge of any kind. This is just a method to change the offerings to freeware without going to the expense of re-programming the software: we are not in the business of collecting email addresses! Your email address will not be distributed, sold or otherwise used for any other purpose then to reply with the keycode or download link to registered version. This we guarantee!

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If you happen to have a minute, or just get a kick out of checking boxes with your mouse, we would appreciate your completion of  this quick survey to help us better understand your software needs...

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Do you like the "Shareware" method of "kicking the tires" before buying or is it a pain?

It's a pain! I like it, cuz then I know what the software is before buying. I only use free software.

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Thank you for your time.. have a GREAT DAY!