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Within the Premo Web Talkster v1.0f there is a menu option for the "Ad Bank". If you elect to signup for this option it will allow you to create an account that records every time you elect to click one of the text or graphic ads that are displayed within the toolbar (which will count as 1 point).

This gives you the opportunity to build up points and have YOUR business or personal web site displayed within the browser at no charge. This is an excellent way for you or your business to accumulate free International / local advertising.

For every time that you click an ad displayed in the browser your "click" is recorded as 1 point. An accumulation of 1000 points entitles you to have your ad placed into the browser to 1000 users.

You can check your Ad Bank "balance" at any time by selecting the "View Balance" option. By selecting to "Cash In Balance"; your account balance file will be sent via the INTERNET to our server at which time you will be notified (within 48 hours) of the procedure and requirements of getting your ad displayed. Please note that Customized Computer Software has sole rights to determination if your ad fits a "family" environment audience (in other words no hate, sexual content, crude, etc. ads will be accepted!)

If you have any questions regarding this option / procedure please email us at .




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