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Customized Computer Software can easily create a talking banner ad, talking link, or a spoken web page for your web site!

Here's the process to create a simple talking banner ad...

  • You supply the banner ad (graphic) & a .wav file of the text you want spoken on your web site (we can help you with advise on creating your own or create at an extra charge). There is not much worry about the size of the wav file as this technology "streams" or "buffers" it into the web page. Just keep it as short as possible.
  • Tell us what web page (URL) you want the banner ad inserted into as well as the placement of the ad on the page.
  • Tell us if you want the ad to be spoken on page "onLoad" or when the mouse cursor is over the link (onMouseOver) and what URL to link the ad to (by clicking the ad goes to what URL) or none at all.
  • You can attach these files & information to an email and send to
  • Once email is received, we will get back with you with instructions for payment via secure on-line credit card acceptance. The basic charge for this service is a one time charge of $29.95 for a software license of the Java Applet (this license can be used for additional "talking ads" on your site at no charge after initial payment) + $35.00 for each talking banner ad (this charge may vary depending on the complication of the way your page is coded!). We will give you a special price for multiple links, ads, or pages (the more you want the cheaper it will be).
  • After payment is verified, we will program the talking ad into a copy of your web page and send you simple instructions of the implementation process to insert the talking banner ad into your web site. This process takes approx. 3 days. Satisfaction guaranteed!

For a free consultation on implementing spoken web pages or links to your web site or if you have any questions please email to

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