Web Talkster v3.2 and Premo Web Talkster v2.0 ad sales.

Valentine's Cyber Sweetheart Special!
Place your personal ad (small Valentine message) for the 5 days before and after Valentine's day within the Web Talkster v3.2 and Premo Web Talkster v2.0 web browser at a mere cost of $30.00. This includes a web page (off this web site) that the browser ad will link to of your own crafting (you supply the words, we do the creation of the web page). Shoot us an e-mail in the direction of [email protected] to receive instructions or for more info!

The Premo Web Talkster v2.0 (featured else where on this site) and Web Talkster v3.2 "talking web browsers" are offered as freeware / shareware and currently has a loyal group of approximately 100,000 users (as of 12\2k) with an average of 50 new downloads per day adding to it's use.

For a discription of ads within the Premo Web Talkster please navigate to THIS PAGE as the Premo Web Talkster offers a much different way in displaying the ads plus has the option to "target" users.

A small ad is located in the right area of the menu toolbar (as the caption of the "Hot Link" button) that is used to accept text based ads every 55 seconds from our server. These ads are links to your web site and the browser navigates there when the user clicks the "Hot Link" button that displays your ad. To view a screen shot of a "text based" ad being displayed within the Web Talkster v3.2 browser click the below image for full view:

Screenshot of ad within the Web Talkster v3.2 browser >>> the_ad.JPG (187768 bytes)
The exciting news is that these ads are for sale!

Web Talkster v3.2 does not allow ad targeting where Premo Web Talkster v2.0 does.

Blanket Text Ad delivery (none - targeted) one-half (1/2) cent per text banner shown on each single browser.
Minimum "Buy" of 6,000 ($30.00) Your ad will be delivered to the browser as the caption of the "Hot Link" button and when clicked will navigate the browser to your web site. Please contact for tracking information available at a small extra charge.

To place ads within the Web Talkster v3.2 web browser...
In the near future, the option to place your order for ad placement via a secure on- line payment will be featured on this web page, but at the present time you can make arrangements by sending a query via e-mail to

Important notice!
Adult sites, sites with adult-oriented links, sites that promote hatred, racism, discrimination, sites not suitable for the viewing of children, and sites that promote illegal activity are banned from this service. Customized Computer Software reserves the right to make this judgment without recourse of any kind!