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Agent characters

The following are Agent© characters that have been tested and approved to be used within the Web Talkster, Text Talkster and IE Speakster software applications.

Disclaimer: Code-it Software claims NO copyrights to any of the Agent© characters displayed on this web page with the exception of the "Talkster" character. By downloading and installing on your system you are agreeing to the user licensing that the individual developers have placed upon their copyrighted products. These are all being offered free for public download by the respective developers and are being made available on this site only as a convenience to users of "Web Talkster v3.0 to v3.9" talking web browser & related software products.

To download just click on the link that appears beside the character image. These links will take you to the Agent© developer's web site that displays the character ready for download. Remember that these sites may display other characters that are available but have NOT been tested or approved to work correctly with Web Talkster products. It will do no harm to experiment with some of these other characters but keep in mind that they may not operate correctly within the Web Talkster browser.

To install on your system, after downloading, click on the .exe file that you have downloaded and the setup program will most likely install the Agent© character into it's correct directory on the hard drive. ( "C:\Windows\Msagent\Chars\" ) for Windows 95 & 98 users; ("C:\Winnt\msagent\Chars") for Windows 2000 & NT operating systems. This will allow you to select this character to be used in software that gives you the option of choice.

The "Talkster" Agent© character. Copyright©2000 Code-it Software (aka Customized Computer Software).

my_talkster.JPG (12917 bytes)        Talkster           

(included with Web Talkster v3.0, v3.2 & v3.7)

Gallery of approved (for Web Talkster browsers) Agent© Characters


 genie2.gif (4488 bytes)Genie        james.gif (5834 bytes)James 

merlin2.gif (5283 bytes)  Merlin      peedy2.gif (3309 bytes)  Peedy

robby2.gif (4999 bytes)Robby   santa.gif (5599 bytes)Santa  

Wart Nose