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Want one? Characters


What kind of Agent stuff?

Below are links to Microsoft where you can download (free of charge) the  software required for Agent to operate on your system. If these components are installed on your system it will speed up the web page (using Agent technology) load time due to not having to install required software.

MS Agent 2.0 installation instructions

Microsoft Internet Explorer You must be using MS Internet Explorer 3.02 or later, and you should have MS Agent and the .acs Characters installed on your computer to fully enjoy MS Agent sites (due to faster load time).

To add the MS Agent 2.0 to your system, you will need to click on and then download each of the following:

(Note: You can also find everything you need at the Microsoft Agent Home Page.)

Download the Microsoft Agent core components (.exe file, 395K)

Download the Lernout & Hauspie® TruVoice text-to-speech engine (.exe file, 833K)

Download the Microsoft® Speech Recognition Engine (.exe file, 6 MB).

Speech recognition engines provide speech input capabilities for Microsoft Agent. At this time Microsoft provides a single U.S. English speech recognition engine for use with Microsoft Agent. To use this engine you should have a Pentium 120-MHz PC (or faster).

Microsoft Agent character files

To view the characters most used on the web, you will also need to download
Genie, Merlin, Robby and Peedy via the Microsoft page.





































































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