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The links off this page (to your left) are examples and information relating to development of Agent© talking or Interactive (speech recognition) web pages.

The "Talking Page" is a page that uses a the Microsoft Genie© character to explain the use of this technology within web sites. This page is programmed so that if you do not have the required software loaded on your system it automatically downloads it into system memory so that the page will talk and be antimated.

The "Interactive" page demonstrates speech recognition capabilities of Microsoft Agent© within a web page. You must have the "speech engine software" installed on your system for this part (recognition) of the page to operate.

"Agent Stuff" page features links to download most all Microsoft Agent© software.

The "Characters" page is a listing of Agent characters that are available for programming web pages / sites or software applications.

"Want one?" is a listing of our services and rates for the development of Microsoft Agent© technology web pages/ site. If you are interested in a software application please see more details on the "Programming" page.




























































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