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ATEC (Assisstive technolgy) software...


Please navigate, to the software subject of interest, by clicking the link below.

Assessment - a couple of software applications that may be of help for ATEC assessment issues.

Make it larger - a screen and text magnifier program for the low sighted.

Text Recordster - Not only have any text spoken to you but have the option to record / convert the text to .wav or .mp3 formatted sound file!

Text Talkster - copy any text into the Windows clipboard and have it 'spoken' back to you via text 2 speech.

Web Chatter - A multi- purpose application you just got to see. Nope.. I mean hear!

Web Speakster - our talking web browser designed for the blind and low sighted person.

This section of the code-it.com web site is dedicated to the memory of

Kimberly K. Crabb