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Check out our videos explaining functions here.. or click on any player button. 

If you can find a wav/ mp3 editor - recorder with equivalent features, price, and licensing policies we'll buy it for you! Just send your receipt and we'll send you a check after confirming equivalency.

Wave MP3 Editor - YOUR VERY BEST CHOICE with specialized tools you won't find elsewhere: frequent free version updates and license to install on any personal system - adding even more value. 

This isn't just your ordinary editor: it includes most every specialized solution you can imagine with it's array of POWERFUL tools. Most any one of the specialized 'tools' (i.e. CD Ripper, Equalizer Recorder, Audio CD Writer, iNet Recorder, Web TalkN, etc.) are REALISTICALLY worth the cost of registration! An advanced audio editing/ recording solution for pros and "the folks" as well: enabling you to perform audio editing functions with amazing ease - time tested code. 

Just $29.95. Get a REGISTERED 6 month subscription of Web TalkN - as an added FREE BONUS  - a $19.95 value!

MP3Trix PRO - FOR THOSE THAT JUST WANT A BASIC EDITOR/ RECORDER  -  offered off a 'sister site'. This is basically a clone of Wave MP3 Editor but does not offer as many specialized tools: offered as shareware (try before you buy)  - registration cost of only $17.95.  

MP3Trix - FOR THOSE THAT JUST GOT TO HAVE IT FOR FREE!  -  offered off a 'sister site'. This is basically a clone of Wave MP3 Editor but does not offer as many specialized tools nor recording abilities: is 100% FREE. 

If you're just starting out then this may be for you but be advised: you just can't beat Wave MP3 Editor!

Web TalkN - NEW IMPROVED VERSION just released : like nothing you've ever seen or heard before. Offered off a 'sister site'. We all know how sometimes normal email is misunderstood: this solution assures that the tone of your message is "on the mark" and personal. If it's important enough to say - why not just say it with Web TalkN! 

Free Stuff - an array of specialized audio software tools that are 100% FREE with no adware, spyware.


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