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Thanks to Bellaonline for awarding us their "Best Resouce Award" for software!

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MSNBC News reviewed the WeMedia Talking Browser and had a few good things to say from this web site.


Large Print Reviews.com has published a very well written review on the WeMedia Talking Browser. Check out this site devoted to persons with impaired vision: it is a very interesting resource.


"KHOU News" a part of "Belo Broadcasting" featured our Web Talkster and several other software programs on their web site and national TV news broadcast. You can review the web page at this link or if you have "Real Player installed you can click this link to hear the TV broadcast.


Daily news from yahoo.com featured a story regarding the We Media Talking Browser.


PC World Magazine mentioned / featured " IE Speakster " in the April 2001 issue within an article about Browser Web Browsing. IE Speakster is a MS IE add-on that Customized Computer Software has developed and released as freeware.


We Media, Inc. released the "We Media Talking Browser v1.2" off of THIS PAGE!

This talking browser was designed / developed by Customized Computer Software to aid blind and vision impaired users to access and browse the web in a more friendly way. Development funding was provided by the good folks at WeMedia.com


The WeMedia Talking Browser has been featured within the Lockergnome news letter which has an audience of over 200,000 people. We thank them for this exposure!


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