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"Windows Blinds" issue...


If you have "Windows Blinds" installed (and using) on your system you will run into an error message when trying to activate most any of our software.

We do NOT consider this a bug in our software but rather within "Windows Blinds". Why? Any desktop enhancement software, such as "Blinds" should be capable of dealing with any application that Windows accepts without problems - don't you think?

Most all our software has very advanced skins and active X controls included that are certified and accepted by Windows: "Blinds" has a problem detecting that an application is all ready "skinned" so it just gives an error message and won't allow the program to load (the easy way out for them?).

All this being said, we must give "Blinds" credit for not being totally blind that these problems will happen: giving the user an option to exclude any application from being "skinned" by "Windows Blinds".

Here's how:

1) START > Desktop Objects > Windows Blinds then click the "Per Application" menu item under SETTINGS

2) the following window will activate (click to enlarge)



4) navigate to C:\Program Files\Code-it Software\Wave MP3 Editor (or what other application of ours you have installed and the path you installed to)

5) Select EVERY (i.e Wave MP3 Tools has over 20 exe files that are included within the application in the "My Tools" folder, other applications may only have one or more) exe file within this folder then select the "MODIFY PER APPLICATION SETTING" and select "TOTAL EXCLUSION > Ignore this application and do not skin".

This will correct the problem as you have configured Windows Blinds not to skin these all ready "skinned" files.

PS: another method is to just elect to "UNLOAD" Windows Blinds (within their configuration screen) while using any of our software then reload after exiting.






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