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Software re-branding with full resale rights!

Grow your online business with a new line of software products or start a new business today! Our current line of software products are available to be licensed at affordable rates. No commissions or royalties are required and we can fully customize each application to your specifications. Expand your revenue stream with pre-made software titles ready to be distributed and sold.

But that's not all! If you have a "whiz-bang" idea that you would like to have developed we can do that too! We are always interested in development of new products that the terms of copyright can be determined by what you desire / require. We do contract programming that the results are either completely owed by you (copyrights and source code), or re-branded to you in which we retain the copyrights/ source code but give you full resale rights.

NDA signed upon request - give us a shoot and we'll evaluate your idea to see if it fits within our programming expertise and/ or interest. 

Disclaimer: Code-it Software does NOT have the expertise nor programming tools to develop web/ on-line applications nor do we specialize in data-base type programs.

Rebranded Software
Our specialty is creating quality software products then re-branding them so that they appear to have been written entirely by you. You choose the program name, company name and website associated with the software, and we can customize many other features as well. Our name does not appear anywhere except on the very bottom line of your EULA noting copyright ownership.

Software Developers

We can supply you with the binary exe file, of any of our software, and the supporting files so that you can include within YOUR setup/ install program then merely "shell out" to the programs exe file. This solution will save you ton's of development expense/ time as our code/ software has been proven and debugged (most on the market for over a year). We can "match" any of our software to your interface style; however,  may involve custom programming fees. Just think - in approx. 2 days you could have our popular Wave Editor, or any other of our software, embedded within your project while the cost is no more than our normal branding fee.

Re-branded Software / Site Sample (a case study)
We created several sample/ test products and site to demo this re-branding concept. After completion of the web site and product re-branding of Wave Editor PLUS we advertised on "Google AdWords" for 3 days and got over 1200 downloads with a return of 11 registrations @ $24.99 each (return of $274.99 gross sales). To our surprise - after stopping all advertising we are still getting a few registrations - the site is for demo of re-branding and not meant to saturate the market. We will delete the setup file download link, after a couple sales of re-branding this product, so we won't be competing for sales with you. We probably went a tad overboard by offering all features of the product as free, with the exception of registration required for the editor and recorder, as it probably would have made more sense to offer the complete application as we do Wave Editor PLUS (limiting activations then requiring registration - shareware) but this is an example of what can be done. Just think of what could be done by submitting this application to all the shareware/ freeware sites, submitting the web site to all the search engines, etc. - this is all explained on our "Marketing Advice and Tips" web page supplied to you free upon re-branding of any of our software. We also previously used this same site as a test of what can be done by releasing our basic Wave Editor - we advertised on AdWords for 2 weeks and NETTED over $700.00 in one month before discontinuing release. We have customers selling over 200 copies of our re-branded software (mostly with custom features added) every month - an amazing source of income! We are confident that, with a little bit of marketing effort, any of our re-brandable products can be "in the black" and making net revenue within 1 to 3 months. Check out our working demo/ example HERE   If you might want to entertain purchase of this complete site please see listing below... 

Complete Sites with Re-branded Software for sale
We have created a super easy way for you to get into the software business with little effort. We have done all the work for you so you can concentrate on marketing and making profits.  

Want to buy this site (domain name, web site - text revised to your liking, all the software listed on it re-branded with your name, etc.)  and be in business within 48 hours! We will set you up with an e-commerce site (and revise the web site links) so you'll be 100% ready to go. EVERYTHING for the discounted cost of $6,500.00. 

You can buy this complete web site (domain name, web site - text revised to your liking, all the software listed on it (except the AT&T Natural Voices) re-branded with your name, etc.) and be in business within 48 hours! EVERYTHING (except the AT&T Natural Voices) for the discounted cost of $8,000.00. We will set you up with an e-commerce site (and revise the web site links) so you'll be 100% ready to go.

Full Resell Rights
We give you full resell rights to your branded version of our software, and you are free to sell it however you see fit. Your sales choices are not restricted in any way, and we do not collect royalties, which means you can set your own price for the software and keep all the profits or even give it away free to increase your brand..

Increased Exposure and Name Recognition
In addition to the full version of the software, we provide you with a demo version that can be distributed freely. This will not only increase traffic to your site when visitors come to download the demo, but also turns one time visitors into repeat visitors through the use of several links to your website that are seen each time the demo is run. We offer a large variety of demo types (demo that requires full version download, times activated limit, restriction of days that can be activated, etc...) - you can choose which will best fit your needs.

We are committed to quality software that is exciting to consumers. Our software features stable programming and useful features. Each of our titles uses a professional Installer. We are confident of our software quality - we invite you to download the evaluation version of any of our products to see for yourself.

Fast Turnaround
We strive to finish all custom programming and make your software available within 10 days or less. You will be notified the instant your new software is available for download.

Eye Candy
We can match your software graphics to your existing website or logo, providing a feeling of  consistency to your customers.

In order to install your software, the end user will have to agree to your custom End User License Agreement (EULA). Once we transfer ownership of your branded software title to you, we will provide you with documentation of the transfer. Review EULA template that you can revise in any way desired with the exception of  Code-it Software, Inc. being mentioned as copyright holder on the last line of document.

Our Commitment and Your Responsibility
We guarantee your software will be bug free or we will fix it at no extra charge if reported before finalization of contract fulfillment. It is your responsibility to test and make sure the software fits your needs before contract  fulfillment. Common sense dictates that any software program be thoroughly tested with non-critical data before relying on it. While every precaution is taken to produce bug free code, your use any of our software is at your own risk.

Revenue Generation
Our software is priced so that you can start making profits after just 50 to 350 sales (depending on the application and your sales price). Many of our customers have reported making hundreds of dollars per week selling their branded versions of our software, with little or no promotion. 

Free link to web page listing many resources that we have personally tested and use/ used. Including advise on setting up an e-commerce account to sell your software, marketing advise and tips, the "ins and outs" of software marketing, etc...

Exclusive Products
We are the authors and owners of all of our re-brandable products - they are offered services exclusively at

Prompt  Support
We do my best to provide same day responses to every email received. If you have any questions about our services or software, please feel free to email me directly at

Software re-branding  fee includes:

  • Rename of software
  • Your graphic embedded on a splash/ about screen (if desired)
  • Your choice of over 25 different "skins" to make the software look YOUR way. Check'em out HERE
  • Your EULA included within the setup/ install program. We will help with creation of this file if needed. See sample here.
  • Links to your web site to register, upgrade, and/ or support.
  • Link to your on-line help. See example here. Other methods are available but at extra cost for programming fees.
  • Full resell rights with documentation of same.
  • Link to web page listing many resources that we have personally tested and use/ used. Including advise on setting up an e-commerce account to sell your software, marketing advise and tips, the "ins and outs" of software marketing, etc...
  • MINOR revisions at no charge - MAJOR revisions will be subject to additional reasonable programming fees (including embedded help systems). We will determine what is MINOR or MAJOR! What may seem minor to the average person may be a big deal to implement - involving tens of programming hours - it sometimes ain't "just another button"!
  • While we do NOT specialize in web site development - we can either supply you with free advice or create a web site (similar to our re-brand demo site at ) for an additional cost of approx. $350.00. We'll just program the site or do it all from start to finish (register your domain, set you up with site hosting, program the site pages, upload and supply links to your branded software, etc.) if desired.


  • 20% non-refundable deposit to get started - balance due before release of re-branded software
  • re-branded software to be ready for your review/ acceptance within 10 days - unless you require MAJOR added features which may take longer to complete programming.
  • any/ all bugs fixed at no charge if notified before contract fulfillment
  • technical support provided (to you only - not your customers) at no charge for the first 90 days
  • copyright infringement warranty - included in our sales agreement that we warrant that the software was developed and owned by Code-it Software, Inc.; therefore, giving us the right to re-brand and transfer the software to you. 
  • check out a sample of our "Software Re-Branding Licensing Agreement" that of course can be "tailor made" to fit your conditions - it's not written in stone!

Got more questions? See our FAQ page here or submit comments via form below.

The below links are to the actual product page(s) of all our re-brandable software.

We use this formula to set re-branding fees: 

(VERY REASONABLE retail sell price * 250 sales = paid for itself) 

Audio Editors with included recording abilities:

1st Wave Editor - for those that what it keep it simple! Developed to require hardly any learning curve. Edit wav, mp3, ogg and cda (audio CD tracks) - includes "real time" recorder as well as a file chopper. Re-branding fee of $3,750.00  (15.00 * 250 = 3,750.00) 

Wave Editor - edit wav, mp3, ogg and cda (audio CD tracks) with our most popular editor. Includes "real time" recorder as well as a file chopper. Re-branding fee of $5,000.00 (20.00 * 250 = 5,000)

Wave Editor PLUS - our most POWERFUL AUDIO SOLUTION. A must see! Re-branding fee of $6,237.50 (24.95 * 250 = 7497.50)

We have quite a few other interface designs that are not listed on this site. We can make any of these audio editor/ recorders look YOUR WAY!

Audio Recorder:

Real Time Recorder - record to WAV or MP3 in real time. No temp files. Re-branding fee of $1,987.50 (9.95 * 250 = 1987.50)

Audio Specialized Tools:

Audio Playlist Burner - select any array of WAV or MP3 files or import a standard playlist to burn on Audio CD. Re-branding fee of $3,237.50 (12.95 * 250 = 3,237.50)

Effects Transformer  - batch convert any number of WAV or MP3 files easily. Add any supported filter or effect. Re-branding fee of $1,987.50 (9.95 * 250 = 1987.50)

Equalize it  - record and equalize those audio files to sound just the way you want! Re-branding fee of $1,987.50 (9.95 * 250 = 1987.50) 

Good Bye 2 Vocal - remove vocal from WAV or MP3 audio files. Re-branding fee of $1,987.50 (9.95 * 250 = 1,987.50)

Kick Ass Mixer -you really got to see this one! Have fun easily mixing audio - use for serious mixing and/ or as a puter toy. Includes "vocal remover" function. Re-branding fee of $3,287.50 (12.95 * 250 = 3,237.50)

MP3 Manager - audio library, player, play list creator, converter, ripper, MP3 splitter, CD burner and MORE. Re-branding fee of $4,487.50. (17.95 * 250 = 4,487.50)  

Rippster - it ain't just no stink'n ripper! Includes audio playlist manager, player, play list creator, file converter, ripper, CD burning software and MORE - Re-branding fee of $3,987.50. (15.95 * 250 = 3,987.50)

Text 2 Audio - convert text to audio (WAV or MP3) with a click of a button. Create your own audio ebooks. Re-branding fee of $1,987.50 (9.95 * 250 = 1987.50) 

Security Software Solutions:

Code Crypt - powerful 448-bit blowfish encryption software that features a "virtual keyboard" to restrict key-loggers from obtaining your password phrases. It's like none other on the market! Re-branding fee of $4,987.50. (19.95 * 250 = 4,987.50)

System xControl - control what software can or can not be activated on your system. Maybe you think you're protected by just setting a Windows user password? Just think how "computer smart" these kids are now a days! Great for keeping the kids out of your email, financial and other personal software applications. Is programmed to run off HD, floppy disk, CD-ROM or a USB Flash Drive so you can take it with you after you have restricted access. No need to install on the system! Re-branding fee of $3,237.50  (12.95 * 250 = 3,237.50) 

Text 2 Speech Software Solutions:

IE Speakster - have it talk the loaded page of IE to you - Re-branding fee of $1,987.50  (9.95 * 250 = 1987.50) 

KISS Screen Reader - read most any document via a hot key combo. An inexpensive, simple but effective text-2-speech screen reader - Re-branding fee of $3,237.50 (12.95 * 250 = 3,237.50)

Text 2 Audio - convert text to audio (WAV or MP3) with a click of a button. Create your own audio ebooks. Re-branding fee of  $3,237.50  (12.95 * 250 = 3,237.50) 

Web Talkster v4 - our latest and greatest talking web browser! Revised and updated to play friendly with Wins 2000 and XP (Home and Pro). Re-branding fee of $3,237.50 (12.95 * 250 = 3,237.50) 

add all these together into one application for a SUPER text 2 speech solution! - Re-branding fee of approx. $4,500.00 

The following software would be suitable as a "give-away" promotional gift. We can re-brand any of these applications for the small fee of $250.00. Extra fee charged for any added features that would require much programming time. Think about it - it's cheaper then giving away a pen!

Convert it - nice audio conversion application.
File Shredder - securely shed any type of file. An Ollie North special.
Robo Mailer - a simple mass mailer program.
ID Tagster - mp3/ wav file ID tag editor.
Santas's Stories - have Santa tell Christmas stories to the kids!
Recipe Organizer - recipe keeper and organizer.
OS Race - a pac-man type game.
Sound Recorder - a simple sound recorder.

Got more questions? See our FAQ page here or submit comments via form below.

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