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In the "all most done" stage. Expected freeware release date = some time in the near future. (development has stopped due to other pressing matters)

Bet you are all ready thinking "Why in the heck would a software developer, that sells all kinds of encryption software, put out a free product that is so good at decoding encrypted files ? This makes no marketing sense!"  We, at Code-it Software, have had many queries asking "Why should I register (upgrade to the registered 448-bit rate) encryption type software when the free 48-bit rate version seems very functional?" Well... download this software, encrypt some files using 48- bit encryption rate, then put "Brute Decoder" on it's case. You will soon find out why you need to use a higher rate of encryption as well as following good password phrase creation rules. This does NOT mean that encryption is not safe but rather that the use of a strong encryption key is REQUIRED and not just a "sound bite" !

This product uses "brute force" to decrypt any file using Blowfish, Twofish, Cast 128, Gost, RC2, or Rigndael encryption algorithms. Select the file to decode, select the algorithm to use, then click the "Decode" button and walk off and let the computer do what it is really good at which is repetitive functions. Depending on the strength of the encryption key (length and use of character symbols) this may take some time so just go to bed and hope that the user that encrypted the file was foolish enough to use a simple password phrase. Simple passwords can be detected in a very short time. The file will automatically be decoded and opened for view upon positive password detection.

This software is being offered as freeware and contains no adware, spyware, or intrusive code. See our - privacy policy for details on software releases.

Download it HERE ! (link not active until release)