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Registration pricing notes:
Our registration fees give you "more bang for your buck" then anywhere on the iNet - no bull just fact! We are able to sell our products, at this discounted rate, due to volume sales and low company expenses. The owner of "code-it" (a USA company) is also the programmer, book keeper, web designer, janitor and bottle washer: no part of development or sales are "farmed out" with the exception of beta testing, web site hosting and secure e-commerce services.

Licensing / Registration notes:
When you register any of our software - you instantly receive either a full version download or your personal unlock key-code that will install/work on any system - this is for YOUR benefit that is hardly ever offered with Windows software. The concept that you can actually make full use of software (not have to deal with "machine specific" unlock key-codes, etc.), that you have registered, is fast being eroded. We are trusting the registered user to not distribute the registered software to the world but rather keep for personal use. Backing up the setup file -this is your responsibility - please do it!

You receive license to use the registered software on as many PERSONAL systems as desired - your desktop. your laptop, your kid's system, the computer you use at your workplace, etc..

Refund Policy:
If it doesn't work for you - we want it back!
How our Refund Policy works:
If you bought a product from Code-it Software, then we offer a 30 day refund policy. We will refund you the full amount. Simply drop us an email to . 

If you have any questions/ comments regarding our software or services, please contact us.




WAVE MP3 Editor v2006.9.2

$29.95 - Click above image to order securely online now. Receive your unlock key-code immediately after ordering. 


BANG! for your BUCK CD





$19.95 - Click above image to order securely online now. Receive your CD via US Mail within a few days.



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