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Below are instructions of use as well as FAQ's regarding the operation of MP3 Chopper...

Instructions for setup/ install:

  • Click the download link (on the MP3 Chooper page or below) and when challenged, elect to save the file to your desktop or any folder on the system.

  • After download is complete.. double click the "MP3Chopper.exe" file that has been downloaded to start setup/ install on the system.

  • At the end of the setup you will be prompted to install VB Runtime files. It will do not harm to elect yes to this option as it will not over write any files that are a newer version. These VB runtime files are the newest version available at this time.

  • An icon will be created under the Windows Start menu to activate the software as well as an uninstall listing under the Control Panel Add/ Remove Programs function.

  • Download link >>> MP3Chopper.exe (3.16Mb)

Instructions of use:

  • After activating the software, load the album file by clicking the "Load   File" button.

  • When ready to start chopping the file, click the Play button (has the caption of ">>>>". This will start the playing of the MP3 file. At any time you can pause the playing by clicking the Pause button or Stop playing. Caution: by stopping the playing of the file (Stop button) then clicking the play button.. the playing will resume at the start of the file.

  • The "Clear" button clears all values (loaded file, mark points, etc.) to allow you to start over again or load a different file.

  • You then have the option of listening to the MP3 file or jumping ahead, to the pause points between songs, via the slider bar. At any point you elect to chop the file (i.e. pause between songs) click the "Mark It" button. This will add an entry in the "Mark Points" list box; therefore, directing the software to chop the file at that point (listed by bytes).

  • You have the option to select a mark point, within the list box, and deleting the entry if a mistake has been made. Clicking on list box entry will bring up a mouse menu with "Delete mark?" and "Cancel" options.


  • After you are satisfied that the chop marks are correct.. click the "Chop It" button. At this point there will be a reminder / message that you must mark the end of the file and give the output info.

  •  The files that have been created during the chopping process will be located within the created "C:\Chopped\" folder with a numbering/ name sequence of "Chopped0.mp3", "Chopped1.mp3", etc... You can rename the files to reflect the name of the song at any time via My Computer or Windows Explorer.

  • Caution: any files within the "C:\Chopped\" folder will be deleted or over written after electing to continue with the chop function!

  • The original MP3 file will not be changed in any way nor deleted.


  • I downloaded this software and it worked great for 4 times (activations) then will no longer chop any files. What gives? This software is being offered as shareware with an evaluation period of 4 activations. If you want to continue use of the software click on the "?" button that will bring up a screen with the link to the product web page that has the registration process explained. Hey.. it's only 10$ to register!

  • I see you have plans to add features to this version in the near future. If I register, will I have to pay to upgrade? No.. all upgrades and revisions will be offered free of charge to all registered users.

  • Will chopping an album file damage or delete the original file? No.

  • I registered the software but my Windows system crashed and I had to format my hard drive (a Windows fact of life). Do I have to pay for registration again? No.. just email for your registration key code at no charge. We keep a data base of all registered users.

  • Is there any spyware, adware, or intrusive code within this software? Absolutely not! See our software - policies.

  • Can I legally install this software on my laptop or other systems I own? Yes.. see our/ the fairest EULA known to man other then free source HERE.

  • Is this software compatible with Windows XP? It has been tested on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP to be compatible.

  • More to come as ?'s asked/ answered...




































































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