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Released 4.12.2001

Cover Up v1.8 is an application for persons that are dealing with sensitive information, persons that are concerned with "prying eyes" following their tracks of computer use, or if you just want a convenient way to get rid of all the trash that Windows loads onto your system.

With this software, you can easily Cover up your tracks & get rid of the trash!

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The features of "Cover Up v1.8" are as follows:

At program startup, lists all cached cookies, INTERNET "Temp" files, Windows "Recent" documents, MS IE "History" into a separate listbox for each file group.
Gives the option to delete any listed file or all the files within the group, as well as "Typed URL's" ,  with a click .
Gives the option of deleting ALL files within ALL file groups from the "Master Kill Switch" click.
The files, that are deleted by this software, are not really "files" but more like "reports" of files with the exception on the Wins Temp files; therefore, causing no harm to the system.
Includes a full version of the " Really Delete " software program (you can check out the attributes on it's product page) that is activated by a click within the program.

Min. Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 95, 98 , 98SE or ME
Pent. 133Mhz, approx. 6Mb free hard drive space.
Microsoft IE 5.+(have not tested on lower versions as of yet)

Conditions of download: Please be advised, as a condition of downloading this software, that you understand  this software does NOT "baby sit" you by challenging any decision you make to delete files!  Customized Computer Software accepts NO responsibility for your use/ mis-use of this powerful software application! In other words if you click to delete, the files are deleted with no challenge or opportunity to turn back the clock. No putting the files into the "Recyle Bin" or any of the other cute things Windows does to protect you: it's just bad to the bone!

Never be caught again with your computer tracks out in plain view!

Note: This release has been revised from Shareware to Freeware 8/21/2001; therefore, to receive the shareware "keycode" to unlock the shareware expiration limit, please emila to request the keycode emailed to you at no charge.

Download it HERE ! (6.3Mb)