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Custom Browser
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Does your company or organization do business on the INTERNET or on an INTRANET? If so, you are a prime candidate for having a custom browser developed for your particular needs!

Just imagine the possibilities of having your own customized browser that incorporate some (or all) of the following features:

  1. Have custom icons that relate to your company or product / service within the browser.
  2. Have the "start up page" pre- programmed to start up loading your company web site.
  3. Have set "channels" or links programmed in menus that appear after a button is clicked or within the toolbar.
  4. A color scheme to suit your needs. (there are some limitations due to VB 6.0 programming language used)
  5. A double or split screen that display two web sites at a time to show case your products or links. Have a separate browser on the left side that navigates to a set page that displays links relating to your company that can be changed as the need arises by your web master.
  6. Designed to your specifications instead of a standard "fits all" browser.
  7. Select to add on a "skin" that will really set your browser apart from the norm. Software doesn't have to be normal and ugly anymore!
  8. Make the browser have "talking" abilities with Agent characters that you select to relate to your company or product. Note: if the character features are programmed within the browser itself instead of a web page there is NO load time and activates instantly!
  9. Icons or buttons to activate most any installed software program that is commonly used by your employees or clients.
  10. Most anything else that you can think of can be done. Let's talk?

Cost* to develop a Customized Browser would relate to how involved and complicated it is but as I already have a "template" developed it will cut the cost of developing YOUR customized browser way down since it is not having to be programmed from scratch.You will receive permission (licensing) to redistribute copies to your company employees and /or clients. Special terms for non- profit organizations can also be arranged.

* this price would depend on the amount of copies to be redistributed or licensed or any special arrangements made before development.

Why be without one? Think about how this will help promote your company or organization to be able to electronically send or walk into a clients business and hand them your companies "Custom Web Browser"! Let's make it the browser of their choice so that every time they log onto the web that your company image is sitting right in front of them!

For more information or to get started with development, please email or fill out the form query below. 

PS: development time for simple custom browsers is not long; It could be on your computer within a week or so for final approval!

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