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Are you a "high tech redneck? A devoted football fan, a computer geek, hunter, fisherman / woman, cowboy, farmer, student, a biker? Or maybe you're "oil field trash" (believe it or not, here in Wyoming this is not an insult)?  If so, you are a prime candidate for having a custom browser developed for your particular hobby or lifestyle. Use your imagination for all the possibilities this product can offer!

If you would like a Web Talkster  browser that is customized to relate your interest then here is where you can get it very inexpensively! In fact this might be the only place to get it (until the word gets out and the idea is copied!).

Here's what you get...

  1. Have custom icons that relate to your personal interest within the browser (i.e. you might be a redneck if your browsers home icon is a trailer up on blocks with 3 old cars sit'n in front with flat tires).
  2. Have the "start up page" pre- programmed to start up loading your choice of web site. (i.e. you might be a biker if your browsers home page is "http://www.harley-davidson.com/home.asp")
  3. Choose the Agent© characters that you select to have programmed into the browser software. (i.e. you might be a pilot if your browsers 'talkster' is Planey). Unfortunately the choice of characters are not that great but more are being added as time goes on. The development of these characters is fairly great!
  4. Have the character "talk" your language (i.e. you might be a cowboy if your browsers talkster's introduction is something like 'Howdy partner, ready to cowboy up?) when guiding events within the browser.
  5. We are working on the ability to offer this product in several languages (French, Spanish, German, Japanese, etc..) and should have this capability perfected by mid year 2000.
  6. All the standard features of the Web Talkster v1.1 software application.

Why be without one? Show the world who you are!

Cost is only (a prepaid fee) $39.95 + $5.00 shipping and handling for your personalized Web Talkster provided on CD for installation on your system. Development time is not long; It will be on your computer within a week or so depending on the difficulty of acquiring customized icons, etc.

Click HERE now to load a mail order form that can printed and sent to obtain a registered copy of your Customized Web Talkster v1.1 via US Mail. Due to this being a customized service / product; pre- payment is required via US Mail due to the need to answer questions (on mail order form) required for development. Product is satisfaction guaranteed with a 30 day full refund policy.

For more information please email or fill out the form query below.  

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