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Detect KeyLogger v2.1

Current Version: 2.3 - version released 10.25.2003 
OS: Win 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  
Release: Freeware as of 01.01.2004 available only (no download available) via Free KeyLogger Software CD  
Registration: freeware - was $29.95 

"Detect Keylogger" is designed to detect most any known or unknown software keystroke monitoring programs (key loggers), as well as system monitoring software designed to take a "snap shot" of the active screen. Unlike most software applications of this type, it does not rely on pattern-matching, so it will work on unknown types of monitoring programs. In other words.. it does not just check the system for known monitoring software being installed but  performs several tests that activate the key logger /  snapshot monitoring software and returns the name and path of the log file(s) created as well as all software names and path that are running on the system at the time the file(s) were created or modified; thus, giving you the option to delete log files and/or deactivate key loggers and snap shot monitors. 

Anti-virus and some anti-monitoring programs detect viruses, Trojans, key loggers, which are well known (pattern matching). But what about all the very popular UNKNOWN keystroke / screen capture monitoring programs? They are developed and distributed on sites such as this one. 

Our main motive, for development of this software, is well.. just as a system owner has the right to monitor their computer(s) we believe that a user has the right to check for key loggers/ monitors. What goes around, comes around! This tool gives you the power to check to see if your company, spouse, school, or friend is checking you out and capturing your email passwords, email messages, chat conversations, or anything else you do on the system. 

Product features...

  • Does NOT require activation at Windows startup (run constantly in the back ground) but rather performs several  testing processes to detect key loggers and "snap shot" monitoring software activated.

  • Gives the option to stop any software dead in it's tracks. Lists all software running including those in "sleath mode".  

  • Option to print out a list of any suspected key log or snap shot files.  

  • Option to view all software that is set to activate at Windows startup. Option to delete the entry via the mouse right click menu.

  • Numerous other options that are helpful in determining the presence of key loggers or snap shot monitoring software.

  • We offer 100% support for REGISTERED USERS. Support is handled by this company alone; it is not "farmed out" to low level phone banks. As the developer of this software (as well as the developer of several key loggers/ snap shot monitors) - who better to handle your questions? 

  • Min. system requirements...
    PC with Windows© 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, NT, or XP (must be logged in with Administrator rights to edit Registry entries in 2000 & XP). 64 Mb RAM


  • May list files created or revised, by some anti- virus software, that was running at the time of monitor detection testing. Since there are so many different anti- virus software applications available, it is a monumental task to filter out these created files. It is up to the user to be informed enough to tell the difference between a "suspected" log file and a file created by this type of software or to simply disable this type software during tests ran by Detect Key Logger.
  • If the system has some type of "auto- backup" software installed.. Detect KeyLogger may detect any files revised or created during the monitor testing process. Responsibility rests on the user to make a sound judgment of "suspected" log files.
  • Any software, of this type, can NOT be guaranteed 100% to detect all key logger applications due to the nature of this type software - we make no such claim! 
  • Not a limitation but a WARNING ! This software offers some very powerful tools to edit or delete entries in the Windows registry as well as other useful options. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use sound judgment in the use of these tools. In other words.. if you are not absolutely sure of what you are doing.. don't do it until seeking expert advise!  


Interface screen shots...

1DK_ss.JPG (12266 bytes)   

dk4.JPG (24414 bytes)  dk5.JPG (26038 bytes)  dk6.JPG (20635 bytes)


Terms of use...
I attest that this software, nor the recovered data (key stroke log files), will not be used for any illegal purpose. I further attest that by Code-it Software providing this software that they are not participating in any illegal activity. Due to the nature of this software you may want to review the products' FAQ's page
from this link. as it provides additional product information. 

This software is not for the timid ! It is not a "one click - returns all the info you need - does whatever is required without intervention" type of application. Due to the many various tricks , as well as pure programming wizardry that some key logger developers have gone to great pains to implement into key loggers.. it takes a little "computer savvy" to determine how to deactivate and rid your system of these pests. The process will involve stuff like editing the Windows registry as well as some "hacking" on your part.. this application makes the process as painless as possible. Any software, of this type, can NOT be guaranteed 100% to detect all key logger applications due to the nature of this type software - we make no such claim! This software has been used successfully to detect all key logger software reviewed on Keylogger Scoop.

Release: Freeware as of 01.01.2004 available only via Free KeyLogger Software CD  

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