Grow your online business with a new line of software products or start a new business today! Our current line of software products are available to be licensed at affordable rates. No commissions or royalties are required. We can fully customize each application to your specifications. Expand your revenue stream with pre-made software titles ready to be distributed, sold or even given away free as a promotional tool.

But that's not all! If you have a "whiz-bang" idea that you would like to have developed we can do that too! We are always interested in development of new products that the terms of copyright can be determined by what you desire / require. We do contract programming that the results are either completely owned by you (copyrights and source code), or re-branded to you in which we retain the copyrights/ source code but give you full resale rights.

NDA signed upon request - give us a shot and we'll evaluate your idea to see if it fits within our programming expertise and/ or interest. 

Here at Code-it, we work by our "just do it" code:

  • Untested code isn't done

  • Unreleased code isn't done

  • Simplicity gives more options than complexity

  • Do some programming every day. Finish something every week

  • One feature finished is better than ten features planned.

  •  Don't worry about the money. Develop software that you enjoy: the money may follow. If not, many things were learned by doing.

  • Don't get bogged down with legal stuff. By the time a lawyer gets done with any contract/ proposal it's most likely no longer "doable".

    Disclaimer: Code-it Software does NOT have the expertise nor programming tools to develop on-line applications nor games. We only develop desktop solutions that we have interest / believe in.

    Contact mikeB at with any questions or comment