eBook Ripper
Current Version: 2.0 - NEW VERSION RELEASED 10.10.2004
OS: Win 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  
Registration: FREEWARE - no registration process nor fee                          
Download:  eBookRip_R.exe

Download:  Product's Help eBook (347kB - included within the trial setup)

Please see SUPPORTING FILE DOWNLOADS towards bottom of page!


eBook Ripper - a very innovative application of modern text 2 speech technology.

Code-it Software, Inc. has been developing Text 2 Speech applications/ solutions since 1996. Our first successful development effort was a talking web browser that is still being downloaded at a rate of over 200 copies per month. It is estimated that our "Web Talkster" and "Web Speakster" talking browser have over 200,000 users out there in cyber space. Our experience has been that most T2S applications are being used just for fun - they are fun to mess around with but are not being used to their full potential by the average user.  So you may ask "What potential uses are I missing?"

  • To my knowledge, there has never been any T2S software to take advantage of the Project Gutenberg which offers a massive resource (growing daily) of text (and HTM) formatted e-books. This fact has changed due to "eBook Ripper"! Now record these free books to audio (WAV or MP3 format) then burn on an audio CD-R for your listening pleasure any where, any time. This is the MAIN feature of this software - it links to the Project Gutenberg as well as to a page we create/ change monthly >>> Book of the Month with detailed instructions on how to easily create audio eBooks.

  • Time shifting! This, in my mind, is the biggest feature of T2S that users have been missing. As stated in the above comment you can easily listen to any text content that has been recorded to audio at any free time you may have. Studying for a test at college? Record the content to CD-R or load it into your MP3 player - have it available while you are driving or waiting in line to get lunch, etc. Are you a business man or woman that needs to make a speech or presentation when you get to work? Use your commute driving time to refresh your mind of the content - recorded to CD-R and played in the car CD player or recorded to MP3 and loaded into a MP3 player. The possibilities are almost endless how "time shifting" can enhance your life and make use of "dead time".

  • Use the text 2 speech features to "proof read" documents - believe me as one that is a dreadful speller -  it works! Not only will reading back the text detect mistakes but will flag stuff that doesn't sound right. Sure there's spell checking, in most word processors, but have you ever missed insertion of a word (i.e. "we went the store") or the spell checker really messed you up?   

  • Use T2S to learn or teach English as a second language. The reason I am narrowing it down to English is that other language T2S engines have not been developed to the extent that English T2s engines have. This may change in the near future?  

Features of this software:

  • Text 2 Speech conversion

  • Text to WAV audio file conversion

  • Easily create an audio book via the "Text Recorder" You won't believe how easy it is!

  • Audio player 

  • Batch converter - so as to allow conversion/ encoding from WAV to MP3 files. Conserve file size.

  • Will recognize any t2s engine installed on the system, automatically for your selection.

  • Tools to add synthesizer control tags for advanced editing and speech control

  • Links, and easy instructions, to retrieve almost an unlimited amount of text eBooks - ready to easily convert to audio.

  • Plus more...

Take a look at our tutorial video - note that the way you play/ view these .wmv files will vary depending on what browser you are using (and how you have it configured). If you are using MS IE - click to play in Media Player (elect NOT to play in Internet Explorer). Foxfire (my personal choice) - select to play in default media player.  You can also elect to "Save Target As" and download to your system then activate by double click or selecting within your media player. This video was created using our Screen Recordster Software - check it out? Maybe you'd rather review the Product's Help eBook (347kB) - download or elect to open.

eBook Ripper Tutorial Video

Some screen shots:

The Text Recorder (the "guts" of the software - text 2 speech, rip text books into chapters and then convert to audio, etc.) ...


The "Get eBook" screen (this is where you download your choice of MANY FREE text based ebooks from this site and the Project Gutenberg - allowing you to easily convert to audio format)...


The Text 2 Speech configuration - will recognize any t2s engine/ voice installed on the system, automatically for your selection...


The Audio player...




The Audio converter (WAV to MP3 / MP3 to WAV - convert the "ripped" chapter WAV files into MP3 format to conserve file size)...


The min. requirements for this software application are:

  • Pent /133 CPU

  • Microsoft Windows™ 98, ME, 2000, NT4+ or XP

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer installed with INTERNET connection

  • approx 9 MB free hard disk space (depending on operating system), 128 MB Memory

  • Sound card compatible with MS Windows Sound System & speakers

  • Microsoft SAPI 5.1, Text-2-Speech engines and supporting files (see notes regarding these supporting files below the download link)

Please either elect to open or download this Introduction e-book to review it's features >>> Product's Help eBook (345kB). If download just double click to activate - no special reader needed. If you're just going to go ahead and download the evaluation version, to kick the tires, the e-book will be included in the install process and activated via the HELP buttons within the software. Maybe you'd like to review a few talking eBooks created with this software >> Books of the Month. Well..then how about watching our eBook Ripper Tutorial Video? 


Windows XP users...

By default, XP has Microsoft SAPI 5.1 installed with one voice (Sam) but your "mileage may vary" !

If the software will not initialize - this more than likely means that you need to install Microsoft SAPI 5.1 (speech application programming interface that includes the Mike and Mary voices). Get it here >>>  this link (6.22 Mb) then double click after download to install.

If you just need / would like to have the Mike and Mary voices - get them HERE

Windows 98, ME, 2000 and NT users...

VERY IMPORTANT: Before this software can activate/ operate normally you MUST have Microsoft SAPI 5.1 (speech application programming interface) installed on the system. Since this version is fairly new (introduced in XP), most users will not have installed unless it was setup by another software application install process. You are invited to download then install (double click after download) from this link (6.22 Mb) assuming you have Microsoft "Installer" setup on the system (most users will).