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Released as freeware 11.29.2002.

Ever wanted to convert a .wav file to .mp3 format OR a .mp3 to .wav format? 

No sooner did I release MP3 Makester (converts wav to mp3) when my son informed me that he was looking to convert mp3 to wav so that the file could be edited then used in Windows for event sounds. Well okay then.. this software is for you Ricky!

Here's what Encodester does...

  • Encodes (converts) a .wav file to .mp3 format.

  • Encodes (converts) a .mp3 file to .wav format.

  • Tested compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 & XP (must have Admin privileges with 2000 and XP to install).

Snap shot of splash screen (click to enlarge) >>> encodester_ss.JPG (17904 bytes)

This software is being offered completely free. No nag screens, adware, spyware, etc. See our software policies as well as the EULA that apply to this software. 

Install note: Download the file then double click to activate the setup program. Must have Administration rights to install in Wins 2000 & XP.

  Download it HERE ! (2.2Mb)   



































































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