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Note that this page is under constant revision as the development and beta testing of the software is on going!

"I've noticed that you are also offering a program called the 'Web Talkster V1.1' will this software be of much use to the blind user?"

The "Web Talkster" application is not designed to be of much benefit to a blind person as it requires that the user be able to use a mouse and does not have instruction delivered via sound. It was derived as a  bi - product or module of the "My Eyes" development project. It may be of some use to the sight impaired person as it does talk the text of the web site. 

"Will I have to shut down my screen reader (such as JAWS) to use the My Eyes V1.0 software?"

No. The software has been designed to take this into consideration. As long as the "My Eyes" software has the "focus" it will not interfere with the screen reader.

"Are you suggesting that this will replace a screen reader such as JAWS?"

No, not at all. This application is not, per say a screen reader. It is mainly geared towards making the Internet experience an enjoyable one for the first time computer user or person with limited abilities.

"Will this software talk or speak all web pages?"

No. Due to exotic programming styles that have surfaced in recent years, approx. 4% of web pages (derived from our testing so far) can not be spoken. We are doing our best to solve this problem and may have made progress to correct this problem by the time of release.

"Will I need to have a certain browser (i.e. Netscape, Microsoft IE, etc.) installed in addition to My Eyes?"

Yes = Microsoft Internet Explorer will be required to take advantage of enhancements to the software. Other software required will be a text 2 speech engine that will be supplied and installed within the "My Eyes" setup program.

My personal favorite ? = "Will the program have complicated "hot keys" that some programmer dreamed up and are more difficult to master then pulling nose hairs with your toes?"

We have done our research and know that this is concern. We have tried our best to make the program as simple to operate as possible. It is geared towards the inexperienced user, but as have mentioned on the main My Eyes page, may design a more advanced version in the near future so as not to slow down the experienced user after receiving the required feedback for design purposes.

PS: some of the hot keys are dreamed up by the programmer! The browser will have pre- determined "channels" that are accessed by the function keys (i.e. n for "news", s for "sports" ..) that will direct the browser to load popular and "user friendly, for the intended user" web sites so as to build computer skills and confidence in the operation of the software. This should help the first time computer user in advancing to the operation of directing the browser in the normal way. Feedback from potential beta users is strongly encouraged!

"Will this software require a fast processor and lots of RAM ?"

Microsoft claims that a 486/33 processor with 1MB of RAM and Windows 95 is all that is required for this type of technology to work, but let's get real! My thoughts are that a Pent 133 MHz with 32 MB RAM and a 56K modem are required to start to enjoy the advantages of surfing the Internet just as it is for the sighted user. We have purposely used this type of computer to develop and test the software on. 















































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