Code-it Software spends most of it's time developing and supporting quality software solutions BUT every now and then a guy just wants to have fun. What does a burnt out old programmer/ hacker do for fun? When he's not hack'n around on the Linux system he's play'n around with flash of course!

Below are links to a couple of flash web sites for sale at the low cost of $250.00. Check'em out? Contact for further details/ questions, etc.

Be sure you have your speakers turned on!

Both of these sites have the capability of having 5 pages (including the main page). The purchase includes:

  • revision of button captions
  • revision of main header text
  • revision of all 5 page's text
  • your choice of sound - if want replaced
  • instructions of installation if needed - it's easy!


Robo Flash Site

Puter Thingy Flash Site