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For Lovers Browser v1.2 is a very unique "themed" web browser designed for lovers only!

Let your cyber sweetheart know that you love him/her in this most modern but yet personal way by installing this fully functional web browser that offers some very unique features. Check it out!

Check out this screen shot (click to enlarge) of the browser >>> screen_shot2_small.JPG (1688 bytes)

Features include...

*  Lovers theme (colors, images)

* All normal Windows© functions (Max, Restore, Max, Copy, Paste, Select All)

* All basic browser functions (Back, Forward, Stop, Home, Print)

* Has a "Be Mine" image that when clicked navigates the browser to your personal web page or "Love Letter" that you have created via a VERY SIMPLE function listed under the "Option" image called "Create Be Mine Message" (see the screen shot)

* Offers the option to SIMPLY create a personal message (love letter) that is forever linked to the "Be Mine" command image (see screen shot). You do not have to have any programming skills as all the code is created automatically: just type in what ever message you want to display!

* Check out this screen shot (click to enlarge) letter.JPG (230617 bytes) of a created "love letter" (created by simply inputting the text; the rest is done automatically!) being displayed within the browser by clicking the "Be Mine" image. 

* Can revise your "Love Letter" at any time. Let every day be Valentines Day with your daily personal message! (over writes the file when revised)

* Offers option to play one of 20 sound files of romantic love songs (files included within setup). Simply select from the "Music" list box displayed on tool upper toolbar of the browser. Click the "Music" label to stop play at any time.

* The free version gives you an evaluation period of 10 startups before disabling functions.

Software release has been revised as Freeware 8/21/2001; therefore, to receive the shareware "keycode" to unlock the shareware expiration limit, please navigate to this register_freeware page to request the keycode emailed to you at no charge.

Min. Requirements =  ( Windows 95, 98, 98SE , ME ) and ( Microsoft Internet Explorer  4.+ )

Note: Windows 2000 & NT version available soon.

Download it free HERE ! (3.7mb)


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