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This CD-ROM is chuck full of free software, most of which has been offered as Shareware in the past, from $8.00 to $49.95 registration fee per program. We have reclassified the licensing to fully functional Freeware. The software contains  NO adware, spyware or any type of intrusive code.. just FREE software to use as you please.. all packed on a single CD-ROM. 

Don't need but one or two of these programs? Any one of these software applications are well worth the small CD-ROM shipping/ handling fee.

Pay only the small shipping. handling fee of $12.95 via  the software is FREE.

Or send check/ money order to Code-it Software, PO Box 171, Midwest, WY 82643 

Please allow 10 days for shipping and ample time (depending on destination) for the pony express (US Mail) !

Here is what you get (cataloged by categories). 

FREE Audio Software -  software to edit wav files, convert audio file formats, MP3 players, and more...

FREE Key Logger/ Anti-Key Logger Software - our very popular key loggers as well as anti- key logger software. Sold as shareware until 01.01.2004 - now freeware via this CD-ROM.

FREE Monitoring Software  - key logger, snap shot monitor, and other system monitoring type applications.

FREE Native American Language Teaching Software - our popular Native American language teaching software applications.

FREE Security Type Software - encryption software, port scanner, and various other security type software.

FREE Text 2 Speech & ATEC Software  - talking web browsers, text 2 speech applications, text 2 speech engines, Agent characters, lot's of fun stuff...