Current Version: v2.01 - released 06.01.2004
OS: Win 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  
Release: Freeware

Wait till you see - no hear - what "Equalize-it" can do to enhance your WAV or MP3 audio files! Will create an enhanced WAV or MP3 file equalized and formatted (set frequency and other format attributes) the way you want to hear it.

What is an equalizer and how does it work?
Audio Equalizers are used by professional sound engineers and music-lovers alike to get exactly the sound quality they want, whether in the recording studio or on a home stereo system. With an equalizer, you can set the precise volume you want for each frequency range in your audio. If you want a strong and punchy bass line, just move the bass slider up and the bass volume will get louder. Or if you want to make sure you catch all of the high frequencies, just move the high frequency slider up. This lets you tailor the sound levels to account for the acoustics of the room your audio equipment happens to be in. In fact, equalizers are so useful that you probably already have one or more in your home or car stereo systems. 

"Equalize-it" has a set of 12 frequency sliders, capable of setting each band with +/-20db, that lets you accentuate or diminish bass, midrange, and treble playback in all your digital audio files no matter your speaker configuration or the shape of your room or listening environment. 

Can be used for processing different noise-corrupted sound recordings to eliminate partially or completely different kind of noise, such as: broadband, narrow-band, stationary, non-stationary, etc.

How "Equalize-it" works:

  • Select wav or mp3 files to enhance via the Select button.

  • Select a file to play from the Play List list-box then play via the PLAY button.

  • Enable the equalizer via the ENABLE checkbox then tweak the sound output, via the Equalizer/ Volume sliders, to get it to sound the way you prefer.

  • Select the target folder to place enhanced file into, TARGET FOLDER button. If none is set the recorded files will be placed in the application path + "\Target" folder automatically created

  • Set the format of the soon to be recorded file (WAV/MP3, Frequency, Mono/ Stereo) via the FORMAT options.

  • Set the mixer to "What U Hear" or "Stereo Mix" via the MIXER button. Note: different sound cards describe speaker output differently - your mileage may vary. 

  • Click the RECORD button.

  • Click the STOP button when finished recording.

  • The software will play and record the file - in the equalized state you have set - automatically save to the target folder with the file named the same as the source file but formatted to frequency, channels - stereo or mono, wav or mp3 values you have set (via real-time recording).

  • The original audio files are untouched.

  • You now have audio files that sound the way YOU want! Burn the enhanced files to an audio CD-R or load into your MP3 player.

Screenshot of software in action - recording an MP3 file -  equalized...

Download it freely here >> eqitr.exe (7.88Mb)

Download (or select to open) a small e-book explaining use here >>> Eq_it.exe (226Kb)