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Now you can use the Premo Web Talkster v1.0.f  web browser to read your web pages to you while you're online. This talking browser uses innovative technology, known as Microsoft Agent© technology, to let you "hear" the Internet as you surf. It is being offered completely free!

To sign up for your free download of the Premo Web Talkster v1.0.f, please complete the below survey. You have our promise that this information will never be sold / given out and to be used for the sole purpose of serving you better in the development process of future software applications and notification of upgrades. (as we expect to upgrade this version within several months of first release)

We hope that you enjoy using your "Premo Web Talkster" as much as the thousands, maybe some day it will be millions, of users do.

The Survey:

Marital Status*
Date of Birth* /
How did you hear about Webtalkster.com*
Education level*


*E- Mail:

Thank you for filling out the survey and now let's download it!


You are invited to download the Freeware version of Premo Web Talkster v1.0.f "premo.exe"(8.16 Mb) self extracting zipped setup program.


After downloading file; all that is required is to double click on the premo.exe file to start installation of the application on your hard drive.

Note: If you are using Microsoft Windows 2000; you may get an error message during the installation of the Agent core files and the speech engine. This is due to the fact that Microsoft Agent© is already installed as part of the Windows 2000 operating system and it will not allow an over write of the files. All that is needed is to just ignore these error messages! Microsoft is in the process of creating a new Agent© core file install that will not give an error message and ignore installation; but as yet have not been able to acquire it.

Please keep in mind that this ftp server is sometimes hit with enormous download requests at one time and may not respond quickly because of bandwidth restrictions. You can always bookmark the page and try later.

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