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American Indian Web Talkster v3.0 is free to download and gives an option to register. This page presents several options for downloading and installing "American Indian Web Talkster v3.0".


The download / installation options for Windows 95, 98, 98SE & ME (Windows 2000 & NT version available soon) are as follows...

Complete setup (includes all Agent core files, Text-2-Speech engine, VB6 Runtime files, and the Talkster Agent© character). Download it here! (9.0Mb). After download is complete, simply double click on the file to install.

Partial install download for persons that know they have the Agent© core files as well as the Text-2-Speech engine and VB6 Runtime files installed on their system. Download the Indian Web Talkster Partial Install here! (6.3Mb)

You can just go ahead and order a registered version of Indian Web Talkster 3.0 on CD by submitting your credit card information via this on-line secure site OR mail payment of $9.95 (add $7.00 for CD) to Customized Computer Software, PO Box 171, Midwest, WY 82643. If ordering via mail; be sure to specify what you are ordering and your e-mail address as we have several other applications using this payment method.

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