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The following screens shots (click to enlarge) are of skins available for free download that can be easily applied to "Wave MP3 Editor * v2.2+" and "Xtreme Audio Editor * v2.7+".

* only applies these versions are above.


Instructions of use...

Download the zipped skin file: after unzipping, add the file to the "Skins" folder that presides in the application path of the installed software (i.e. "C:\Program Files\Code-it Software\Xtreme Audio Editor\Skins")

The skin will now be available to apply via the "Select Skin" menu item under "View" in the software.

Skin screen shots and links...

  Skins/ (31.0Kb)

  Skins/ (12.6Kb)

   Skins/ (11.2Kb)

   Skins/ (24.1Kb)

  Skins/ (44.2Kb)

  Skins/ (21.6Kb)

  Skins/ (4.2Kb)



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