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GoodBye 2 Vocal

Current Version: 1.8 - NEW VERSION RELEASED 02.05.2005
OS: Win 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  

Registration: $12.95                          

10%, of gross profit derived from registration, is donated to charity.  

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Registration: receive full version download and license to install on any/ all your personal systems. Free version upgrades as available.                      

Download fully functional evaluation version from here!


Removing vocals from an audio track has long been the desire of musicians, re-mixers and others in order to obtain the instrumental version of a song, otherwise available only as a complete mix. 

Is removing vocal possible?
Yes and no. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer because it depends on many factors including what instruments and sound elements make up the non-vocal part of the audio signal and how these and the vocals have been processed and mixed into the final recording. In most cases, you can not expect to get results that are acceptable for professional use. However, in some cases, it is possible to render reasonable output useful in many, non-professional, scenarios. And, once in awhile, it is even possible to get excellent results.

While all our audio editors are capable of performing the functions/ tasks required to attempt to remove vocal - "Goodbye 2 Vocal" makes the process a 3 click solution (load file, perform the process, save file as). The software is a "one trick pony" - this is the one and only function it was developed to perform. 

Try it - you might like it! It has been tested, as well as compared to the few other similar applications out there, and found to be as good, if not better than others. Check out the sample MP3 files (before and after) via the flash player displayed below.

The following samples (loaded within the flash mp3 player below) are presented for your evaluation/ review. These were all MP3 files (loaded as mp3), vocal removal attempted via "Goodbye 2 Vocal" software, then saved as MP3. These were not enhanced in any way - a process that could of been done to improve the quality of the processed file via one of our Audio Editors. It took approx. 1 minute per file to process. I might note here that MP3 files are not very good candidates for this process! You cannot remove vocals effectively if your source is an MP3 file. In order to remove vocals, the vocals in the left and right channels must be exactly identical -  but MP3 encoding processes the two channels separately, so they are not identical enough to cancel. I went ahead and used MP3 files cuz I know that most of you out there will have a need o process MP3 instead of WAV (hey! I MAY of downloaded a few mp3's via P2P too!?). 

Before and After Sample MP3 Files

You will notice (your opinion may vary) that the first sample is pretty good - probably close to the best you can expect without further tweaking within an audio editor. The second sample is typical - just OK; however, the third turned out a disaster!