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PC Tracer v1.4 is basically a software application that provides "insurance" that your laptop or desktop computer system has a chance of being recovered. Don't you wish you had most every key stroke that was made on your stolen computer? You can review the full explanation of this software here.


Have you ever wanted to work from your home? Have an INTERNET business? Be self employed? This is a very sound business opportunity that will allow you to make it in the dot com revolution. This software (copyrights and full ownership) is for sale!


The following is what would be required, as the owner and manager, of this software application to be successful in this venture:

  • Limited computer expertise (will provide limited training).

  • Manage your own web site that this software is featured and available for download on (purchase of web publishing software may be required. Approx. $150.00).

  • List it on as many software download sites as possible (to get as many potential customers be means of downloads and installations).

  • Promote distribution in any way that you see potential (think of the insurance companies that might be interested in promoting this software as a means of laptop computer thief retrieval! What about large companies that stand to lost thousands of dollars every year from computer thief and lost data?)

  • Manage the sending of the recovered "key log" to customers that have paid you for this service by means of your own secure e- commerce site.

  • Cash your monthly checks from the e-commerce site from your happy customers that the recovered "key logs" helped recover their valuable laptop or desk top computer.

  • Manage the income of $9.95 (you would have the freedom to set this price to what ever you like) for every download of the software. Or just give it away as "Freeware" to establish a customer base for log recovery income.


Here is what you will receive from us, at Customized Computer Software, to get you started on your way to financial freedom:

  • Sign over full copyrights to this software.

  • We will re-program the software to include your company name as the copyright holder.

  • Re- program the setup (installation) program to include any new name you may want to assign to this application and/or your company name.

  • Design, develop and setup up a domain web site to feature and distribute this software. You will have control on what domain name to select but we will pay for the development, domain registration, domain yearly fees for two years, server (domain hosting) fee for the first month (approx. cost of $30.00 per month).

  • Set up a secure e-commerce site (in your name) as a means of collecting the fee for customer "key log" recovery via credit card.

  • Limited training on how to recover the log files, management of this software and your domain web site.

  • Have all this done within one month to allow you to get started on the fast track to financial security. A "turn key" opportunity!


You might ask "If it's such a good opportunity then why are you selling it"? The answer is simple! We, at Customized Computer Software, are comprised of computer programmers and development type people. We like to spend our time developing / programming software and therefore do not wish to devote our time to promote, distribute, or manage an application. We would much rather devote our time to the development of more exciting software applications; therefore, give someone out there in cyber space this opportunity!  


What will it cost? The original software was released November 1, 2K. The cost for the copyright (full ownership of the software application), domain web site (yet to be developed), and limited training is $15,000.00 at THIS time. After the software is released there will be a charge of $1,000.00 added to this initial cost per every 5,000 downloads. This we feel is fair as we have taken the time to promote, set up distribution channels, and built a customer base for future key log recovery.


Interested? Shoot us an email at to get started! 


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