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Note: This software release has been revised from Shareware to Freeware as of 8/21/2001 and the file has been replaced to reflect this change. No shareware "keycode" required.

KISS = keep it simple stupid !

Okay, every software developer around is working hard on the creation of web browsers that have another bell, another whistle, more graphics. All this "overhead" is slowing browsers down to where it is like trying to start up a 50 year old hot rod on a cold morning.

We have even developed a "talking browser" that you can check out  HERE  as it has bells that you may find hard to believe! Maybe you don't want all that stuff and just want to get back to the basics. What now?

Well you might want to download THIS (2.79mb) simple PC browser that we are calling the "Hot Rodster v1.2". (upgraded to v1.2  as of July 31, 2K to resolve screen resolution problems and to allow the use of the Microsoft I.E. bookmark system) 

It is fast, it is simple, it can be set to where it displays text only or normal view, it lets you use Microsoft I.E. bookmark system.

Give it a try if this might be something you're looking for?

A note: this browser can be custom programmed (i.e. links,stock quote search,etc...) for a very small fee if you desire some added feature that fits you personally. Give us your thoughts at for a quote on personal revision of this browser.




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