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Indian Web Talkster
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Indian Web Talkster v1.2na is a software application that gives you the option of having the browser "talk" the text content of a web page by means of a animated character by the name of Peedy  after clicking the "Lakota Dancer" image. In simple language, it is a talking web browser that has an American Indian theme. This application is a customized browser using Microsoft Active X Agent© Technology. The software has been beta tested and "talks" all formats of web sites with the exception of approx. 6% (beta test results) due to exotic programming formats and frame configurations.

Features included within the application are as follows:

  1. Automatically connects to your ISP if not connected.
  2. GUI interface with all standard Windows options (i.e. max, min,size, move)
  3. Gives you the choice of "home page" to load at startup.
  4. "Bookmark Manager" lets you add URL's, delete, save, navigate browser to.
  5. Convenient "Search" menu of 16 popular search engine links plus Indian related web sites.
  6. Select to have the Agent character as your "talkster" or none at all.
  7. Ability to "drag" the Agent© character to any where on the screen.
  8. Standard browser options (i.e. back, forward, refresh, stop, home, and print).
  9. Capability to load and have spoken any text based document into the browser.
  10. Have the character "speak" the web page loaded.
  11. "Talk It" function that has the talkster speak any text that was entered into an inputbox.
  12. Stop "Speaking" option.
  13. Random "jukebox" programmed within the application.
  14. An American Indian screen saver included.
  15. American Indian browser theme of color and icons.

The min. requirements for this software application are:

  1. Pent /100 IBM / Comp. CPU (WILL NOT WORK ON MAC/APPLE!)
  2. Microsoft Windows" 95, 98, 2000
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 (later version recommended)
  4. 12 MB free hard disk space, 16 MB Memory
  5. Sound card compatible with MS Windows Sound System & speakers
  6. Text - 2 - Speech engine, Microsoft Agent©, and Peedy Agent© Character (all included within the Setup program)
  7. Modem and ISP connection to the INTERNET

Click image to view full screen shot of the Indian Web Talkster in action:

indian_screenshot.GIF (192740 bytes)

Ordering and download information:

Download: You are invited to download the "Shareware" version of this software (that has a 10 load up limit before expiring and requiring registration via on- line secure service or US Mail)  HERE or try the alternative ftp site  HERE (9.74Mb). Please keep in mind that at times these ftp servers are handling an enormous download demand and may be slow to react!

Order / register on- line: To order a registered CD (that will be shipped via US mail) or receiving the "key code" to unlock the shareware version (via e-mail) go  HERE to the on-line secure server.

Order / register via US Mail: If you would prefer not to supply credit card information on-line; print out THIS form, fill out information, and mail for a registered CD or the "unlock key" for the Shareware version via US Mail.

Cost to receive the "unlock key" or registered CD is $14.95. (a $5.00 shipping / handling fee for CD via US Mail if selected)

Finally: Please take a moment to inform us that you downloaded this application by checking the "I downloaded..." check box below (not required but would appreciate it!). This information will not be used for any other purpose than keeping track of traffic.

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