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Due to this software being a "sleath" type (hidden from normal user view and password protected) software application there are several things that you need to be aware of to operate this software. This page will inform you of these particulars.

Stuff you REALLY need to know about this software...

  • The software is hidden from user's view (including from the 
    "Current Applications Running" or "Task Manager" function of 
    Windows that is activated via the "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" keys. (On Windows NT, 2000 & XP it will however show in the "Processes" list but as "Keyboard.uzy" which should discourage most users from deactivating?) 

  • The control panel, for this application, can be viewed by the use of the "Ctrl + Shift + R" hot key combination. You have the option to change this hot key within the viewable "Admin" screen. REMEMBERING THIS HOT KEY TO VIEW THE CONTROL PANEL IS VERY IMPORTANT !

  • The first time this software is activated the default entry password is "pass" (case sensitive without quote marks)and will remain so until changed. You should change it to a password phrase that is easy for you to remember at the first activation by making the "Admin" screen viewable (via the hot key) and selecting the "Password change" option within the Configuration screen. 

  • The "Keyboard.exe" file, that is available for download, requires NO setup or install. Simply download, place the file anywhere on the system then activate by double clicking. You can then configure the software to activate at Windows boot up as well as setting the visible hot key function, change the entry password and other stuff.

  • The keystroke log will be created and located in the default location of "C : \ whats_up.txt". It can be viewed, by selecting to do so, within the Admin screen of the software. The registered version sets this file to "hidden" property. You have the option to change this name/ path via the Configuration screen.

  • Administrator has the option of having the program activate at Windows "Startup" via the control panel viewed by the "make visible" hot keys. This is the most efficient way to use this software. This value must be activated by you, the Administrator, before taking effect. Just activate the software for the first time.. change the password and set to activate at Windows startup then reboot the system. (Windows 2000 and XP users will need Admin privileges to configure)

  • The software activation, at Windows startup, does NOT show in the Windows Startup folder but rather is accomplished via the system registry.

  • This software has been beta tested on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP and has been found to present no problems. But due to the nature of this software, it would be advisable to install and "kick the tires" on the target system before relying on all attributes of the software working as expected. This is only common sense when implementing this type of software. Don't get caught with an unexpected error or exposure!

  • The evaluation version displays the "Notice" screen at activation as well as every 3 minutes. It offers no option to disable as does the registered version.

  • To uninstall this software.. make the Admin screen visible via the hot key, make sure that software is set to NOT start at Windows boot, Exit the software, then merely delete the "Keyboard.exe" file. If the software is not active then all that is required is to delete the exe file. BE SURE to also delete the "Keyboard.uzy" file that was created by the exe file. 

  • Register by navigating to the key2log product page.

  • For additional support, or questions, please shoot me an email to

Bugs and fixes...

  • Released v3.2 11.27.2002 to correct a bug when setting the log file path when a folder did not exist or a drive not accessible. If you have had this problem, please consider upgrading to version 3.2. Download HERE !