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Kick Ass Mixer

Current Version: 1.7 - released 01.26.2005

OS: Win 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP  

Registration: $14.95                         

As an added bonus (month of April) get Rippster FREE with registration - a $16.95 value!

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Registration: receive full version download link and license to install on any/ all your personal systems. Free version upgrades as available.

Download fully functional evaluation version from here!


KickAss Mixer is like nothing you've ever seen or heard! It makes overdubbing / mixing WAV, OGG. MP3, CDA (audio CD tracks), or your own recordings easy as pie. Also includes several "effects" you can apply (amplify, fade, etc) as well as including our world famous "Vocal Remover" function/ code. 

If you enjoy tweaking audio files you'll have a BLAST playing around with this software - use it to do serious stuff or use it as a toy! 

Examples of use...

  • I have personally overdubbed audio files (mp3 mainly) then sat at the computer and couldn't stop laughing at my new mixed creations. You'd laugh too if you sing like I do! I got to creating "overdubs" to reflect my lack of signing talent - may be an untapped market here - RCA Records watch out?

  • My 8 year old daughter has mastered this software - she has overdubbed (sang along with) lot's of Brittney Spears songs and created her own Audio CD of her "mixed/ overdubbed" creations.

  • You should hear my custom created cell phone ring tone - it's kick ass COOL!

  • Use to create serious business presentations, sales presentations, educational, etc.

  •  Use it for your personal play toy/ thing! Once everyone around you gets drift of what you're up to it won't be "personal" any longer - you'll be fighting to get your puter back.

  • You a "gamer"? Overdub OGG files that are included in computer games to add your personal take/ touch. A few minor hacker skills required.

  • The possibilities of creating innovative audio content is limited only by your imagination! 

Features of KickAss Mixer... 

  • KickAss is capable of recording from any source your computer supports (microphone, line-in, speaker output, etc.) - just use it to do normal recordings if you must.

  • Overdub your recording into the master file easily. Load the master file, click Overdub Record button, talk anywhere / anything while the file is playing, when play is done click the OVERDUB button to mix the files. It will mix the files in perfect sync!

  • Includes our world famous "Vocal Remover" function/ code - remove (or soften down) vocal from audio files. Then maybe overdub your voice/ recording? This way you can cut a recording (audio file then burned on CDR) of you signing or rapping along with a million dollar world famous band! 

  • Option to set Mix values (i.e. amplification value of the master and recording / file to mix).

  • Lot's of MIX options - paste from file, mix, mix from file, etc...

  • Apply some of the more commonly used effects to the audio like fade or amplify.

  • Full editing features - cut, copy, paste, save, save as, save selection as, delete selected, etc...

Here's a couple of examples (mp3 files) of overdubbed files created EASILY with this software - it goes to show that either I have way too much time on my hands or I enjoy the heck out of this software - what do you think?