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Okay, we've got a few known bugs!

If any of these instructions do not make sense to you, you need further help, or you want to repot a bug please do not hesitate to email us at

Pace of the character reading varies and rambles on. The problem here is that it will only read what is on the page and if it is a long drawn out page (without much pause or break) that's just the limitations of this software or programming. Also mispronounces some words is the limitations of text 2 speech engines. Keep in mind that you are on the "cutting edge" of text-2-speech and voice recognition programming/ software and this is not a perfected science as of yet!

  "Skins" do not display well in lower (640x480) resolution or if system has older display hardware. This is a known problem and explained at first startup by your talkster (i.e. oh by the way, best view in ...).

When character tells the time = puts a "point" before the time value.

Talkster just hates  web sites using frames! (I do too! It has caused MANY extra hours of programming and the problem is still not completely solved).

If you need further help please email for support!


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