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Okay, we've got a few known bugs!

If any of these instructions do not make sense to you (or you need further help) please do not hesitate to email us at

At setup the temp directory is not deleted. To correct, after you have ran the setup program and installed Premo Web Talkster, find the file that was downloaded and delete the directory and all files using MS Windows Explorer. This will free up hard drive space.This is caused by limitations in the installation software that was used for setup. This problem IS corrected as of 3\15\2000 @ 7:00pm MST in the new setup file.

"Not married" option, in the survey that is presented at first startup, could not be selected. This will cause no problems on your end as it is just to set a value for targeted ads and is not being used at this time. Please see upgrade file at bottom of this page to correct.

Spelling error = "Ballon" instead of "Balloon" in the options menu. Also does not save this option for next startup and does not give a selected check mark. Please see upgrade file at bottom of this page to correct spelling error.

Pace of the character reading varies and rambles on. The problem here is that it will only read what is on the page and if it is a long drawn out page (without much pause or break) that's just the limitations of this software or programming. Also mispronounces some words is the limitations of text 2 speech engines. Keep in mind that you are on the "cutting edge" of text-2-speech and voice recognition programming/ software and this is not a perfected science as of yet!

  "Skins" do not display well in lower (640x480) resolution or if system has older display hardware. This is a known problem and explained at first startup by your talkster (i.e. oh by the way, best view in ...).

Setting "Startup" page has a bug. If user elects to click OK without entering in value you may have a problem. To correct this problem, please see instructions at the bottom of this page for instructions to correct.

When character tells the time = puts a "point" before the time value.

Icon themes (other then the "standard") do not imply functions. Please problem is corrected by downloading upgrade file below.

Talkster just hates  web sites using frames! (I do too! It has caused MANY extra hours of programming and the problem is still not solved).

Helpster does not display text under toolbar icons. The instructions below will cure this problem.

With fast computer systems and / or fast modem connections, the browser loads without the start page being displayed. The instructions below will cure this problem.

To correct the survey question, icon function text, select startup page, mis-spelling of "balloon", startup page not loading at form load, and text not display in toolbar of "Helpster" please do the following:

NOTE: Only if you have downloaded and installed before 3\25\2000 @11:00pm M.S.T. and see that your version needs corrected!

  1. Download this file Premo_Web_Talkster_v1.0.f.exe (968Kb)

  2. Overwrite the same named file that resides within the directory of Premo Web Talkster. The default directory is "C:\Program Files\Customized Computer Software\Premo Web Talkster\". You do this by opening up MS Windows Explorer, find the file you have downloaded (above), either drag them into the Premo directory OR copy then paste them.

  3. Open up Microsoft "Notepad" and select "C:\Program Files\Customized Computer Software\Premo Web Talkster\settings.txt" file. Edit EXACTLY the way settings.txt looks.

  4. This will replace the old .exe file and edit the settings.txt file that has the bugs embedded within and these problems will be solved!

If you do not understand these instructions or need further help please email for support!


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