What the heck is a "Text Talkster"  and why in the world would I want one?

Text Talkster v1.0 is a software application that once activated the program icon resides conveniently hidden in the lower right system tray ready for instant use. It speaks the content of the clipboard by means of a  animated character {Genie} after you have copied any text (i.e. e-mail, web page, text document...). In simple language, it is a blue antimated Genie that speaks the clipboard content. This application uses Microsoft Active X Agent© Technology. The software has been beta tested and "talks" all clipboard content regardless of what type document it was copied from.

We have found that this software is not only fun to have on your system but also has some other value not immediately realized. It has been very useful for persons that have a hard time reading written English but can understand the "spoken" word. After writing a letter, school paper, or any other document; copy it to the clipboard and then sit back and relax to have Genie© read it back to you in spoken form. This procedure helps in targeting revisions that may be needed to your document, as the "spoken word" sometimes comes across differently then the "written word". It has also been reported that this application is of some benefit to children or persons with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) which we are particularly happy about.

Features included within the application are as follows:

  1. Automatically resides in the system tray when activated for instant use. By clicking the right mouse button (when cursor is over the icon) a menu of options appears.
  2. Menu options are...
    1. talk the content of the clipboard
    2. talk text entered into an input box
    3. tell the date and time
    4. change user name (that Genie© refers to you by)
    5. show the form on the screen
    6. help and advanced help with copy function
    7. about
    8. shorten the introduction speech or set to give the whole series of operating instructions at activation
    9. unload
  3. GUI interface

The min. requirements for this software application are:

  1. Pent /100 IBM / Comp. CPU
  2. Microsoft Windows" 95, 98, 2000, NT
  3. 7 MB free hard disk space, 16 MB Memory
  4. Sound card compatible with MS Windows Sound System & speakers
  5. Text - 2 - Speech engine, Microsoft Agent©, and Genie Agent© Character (all included within the Setup program)

This is Genie© and he will be your Agent© "talkster".

 genie2.gif (4488 bytes)

Ordering and download information:

Download: You are invited to download the "Shareware" version of this software (that has a 20 load up limit before expiring and requiring registration via on- line secure service or US Mail)  HERE (7.92Mb).

Order / register on- line: To order a registered CD (that will be shipped via US mail) or receiving the "key code" to unlock the shareware version (via e-mail) go HERE to the on-line secure server. There are several software applications on this form so be sure to select "Text Talkster".

Order / register via US Mail: If you would prefer not to supply credit card information on-line; send information and check to Customized Computer Software, PO Box 171, Midwest WY 82643 for a registered CD or the "unlock key" for the Shareware version via US Mail.

Cost to receive the "unlock key" or registered CD is $12.95 (add $7.00 for CD).

PS: plans are to offer this application to speak several different languages in the very near future (first 1\4 - 2001); so if this is of interest to you, please bookmark this page for future reference .

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