Code-it Software, Inc.

Make It Larger v1.0

Make It Larger v1.0 is a small software application that is being offered free for the benefit of  low vision persons.

What does the darn thing do?

  • It allows you, the user, to enlarge any text or image within a Windows application (that is active) up to 1000% and displays it into a separate small screen. Thus allowing a person with low vision to read whatever is displayed.
  • It features a "scroll bar" that by moving to the right enlarges the text or by moving to the left decreases it. A text box (located at top right) displays the percentage of enlargement.
  • The form (application screen) can be sized, moved to a location out of the way, and be minimized so as to keep it handy for instant use.

We, at Code-it Software, hope that in some small way this software will be of use and beneficial to help low vision persons. It was derived as a component of the on going "Web Speakster Project", that is a talking web browser featured on this web site, to benefit the low vision and/or blind person.

Download it free of charge HERE! (1.93mb)

The file is self executing that will install the application by simply double clicking after you have downloaded it.

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