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Please navigate to the software release of interest by clicking it's link below...

Scanster - a really nice utility that records all files "before" and "after", as well as Windows Registry keys, to allow you to check out what installation of software is doing. Includes a very powerful "Uninstall" utility that also deletes Registry keys that the software has created. For the serious software junkie!

Cyber Sleuth - a fully functional web browser that offers resource links for "sleuthy" research. You' ve seen the ads.. find out anything about anyone?

File Chopper - Chop up those large files so that you can distribute on floppies. Merge chopped files back together by a click.

IE Speakster - Have the loaded web page (in Microsoft Internet Explorer) spoken to you via a click.

IE Speakster FAQ's - FAQ's about IE Speakster.

Robo Mailer - a mass email program for those of you that send out a newsletter to hopefully 'opted' addresses. No spam encouraged!

Text Talkster - have any text that has been copied into the Windows clipboard spoken to you via text 2 speech.

Wipe-out - securely wipe files and/or folder contents with this free utility.

X Control - limit access via this Windows "shell" software.